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Fin machines are important equipment in modern industrial manufacturing, especially in industries such as automobiles, home appliances, and ships, playing an important role.

There are various types of fin equipment, including extrusion, rolling, and stamping types, and each type of machine is optimized for specific production needs.

With the development of technology, modern fin machinery often integrates automation control systems, which can achieve efficient and high-precision production,

This article mainly introduces the types and working types of fin equipment. If you are looking for these machine, reading this article may be helpful to you

Machine list

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Classification of Fin Machines

Roller type

This type of equipment is produced by rollers, which are mainly used for automotive radiators and condensers

Press type

Pressure type devices are mainly used in fields such as household air conditioners and industrial heat exchangers

Extruded type

This type of equipment is mainly used to extrude fins onto pipes, which are widely used in the petroleum industry

Vibrate type

This machine is used for producing disc and bar heat exchangers, applied to engineering, air compressors, etc

Fin roller machine

This machine consists of a feeder, roller mold, cutting device, lubrication device, control system, etc. Its production speed is 80 meters per minute, and the aluminum fins it produces are mainly used for car engine radiators and condensers,

The characteristic of this machine is its fast production speed, the cutting device is controlled by a servo motor, and the length of each fin can maintain good consistency

Fin press machine

This machine needs to be used in conjunction with fin molds, and its fastest production speed is 250-300 presses per minute. The fins it produces are mainly used in household air conditioning condensers, refrigerated car evaporators, etc

The equipment is a complete production unit that includes a raw material feeder, lubricating oil tank, stamping machine, and fin storage device

Fin tube machine

This machine squeezes fins onto pipes, which can be any metal. The material of the fins can only be aluminum or copper, and these pipes are widely used in cooling, petroleum, shipbuilding, and other industries

This finning machine is driven by an 11kw motor, which drives the gear to output strong torque to drive the roller mold. The mold can squeeze metal pipes to form the shape of fins

Fin making machine

This equipment is designed with four pillars, and the motor drives the cam to make the movable plate move the piston. The four pillars are equipped with an automatic lubrication device

This machine can produce serrated, wavy, louvered, and staggered types of fins, which are essential for plate and bar type heat exchangers,

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