• Heat exchanger Fin die and fin press line supplier

Heat exchanger Fin die and fin press line supplier

neme: fin die

Hole array:25.5*23mm

Fin width:180mm

Hole diameter: (3/8’’) 9.53mm

line number: 12 rows

Overall dimension:1050*540*240mm


Heat exchanger fin die

Heat exchanger fin die, also referred to as fin progressive dies, are dies that are divided into a number of evenly spaced stations depending on the workpiece being processed. At each station, one or more fundamental stamping operations are set up to finish processing a particular portion of the stamping workpiece.

The material to be processed must be cut into strips of a specific width beforehand, and a specific feeding technique must be used to feed the material one step at a time.
A finished stamping workpiece is obtained after punching each hole individually.

Blanking, bending, drawing, shaping, and other processes can be carried out constantly in the ten pairs of fin progressive dies.
Using a set of Continuous fin mold and fin progressive dies, stamping may be done regardless of how intricate the shape of the stamped object is or how many stamping operations are involved.

Continuous fin die
progressive die factory
fin progressive die
progressive fin die
fin forming mold
fin forming die

Raw materials of Heat exchanger fin die

  1. Louver parts : SKH51,
  2. Spring : 50CrVA,
  3. Punching needle : SKH51,
  4. Small plate : Cr12MoV ,
  5. big plate : EN C45,

Heat exchanger fin die Technical parameters 

  • Continuous production: Yes
  • Hole array:25.5*23mm
  • Fin width:180mm
  • line number: 12 rows
  • Overall dimension:1050*540*240mm
  • Hole diameter: (3/8’’) 9.53mm
Heat exchanger fins
Heat exchanger fins
continuous die video
Q: What is your fin dies package?

A: Our dies are packed in wooden cases

Q: What is the delivery time of your die?

A: Our die delivery time is 50-62 days

Q: Which stamping machine is your die suitable for?

A: Our molds are suitable for more than 90% of stamping machine,You can contact our engineer and provide pictures of your stamping machine

Q: Can you make your fin progressive dies according to my design

A: Yes, each of our molds is customized according to customer requirements

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