• Heat exchanger fin production line
  • Heat exchanger fin production line
  • Heat exchanger fin production line

Heat exchanger fin production line

Place of production :china

name:Heat exchanger punching fin machine

Stamping force:45T

Speed: 300 per minute


Motor power:5.5KW

overall dimension:1585*1075*2391mm


fin production line of Heat exchanger

High speed Heat exchanger fin production line is a special cast iron alloy with high rigidity and shock resistance. The slider is designed with long guide circuit and equipped with slider balance device to ensure the precision and stability of operation.

fin production line

All anti-wear components are equipped with electronic timing automatic lubrication system. In case of lack of lubricating oil, the press will stop automatically. Advanced and simple control system ensures the accuracy of slider running and stopping. Can match any automatic production demand, improve production efficiency, reduce costs.

High speed Heat exchanger fin punching line is widely used in small precision parts such as precision electronics, communication, computer, household appliances, auto parts, Mada stator and rotor.

heat exchanger core
 Progressive die for copper foil

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Heat exchanger fin machine

fin production line video

Q & A

Q: What is the packaging of your fin punching line
A: Our machines are packed in wooden cases. In order to smoothly load the machines into containers, we pack the machines lying down

Q: What is the punching force of your machine
A: The punching force of this machine is 45 tons, and the production speed is 300 times per minute. Your factory floor needs to be reinforced,It can only be produced on the first floor

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