• Fin production line of Heat exchanger

Fin production line of Heat exchanger

Place of production: china

Stamping force: 45T

Speed: 300 per minute

weight: 3.6T

Motor power: 5.5KW

overall dimension: 1585*1075*2391mm

Machine Overview

The high-speed heat exchanger fin production line is equipment based on special cast iron alloy manufacturing, which has high strength impact resistance and can maintain stable operating accuracy during the stamping process.

The slider of this production line adopts a long guide rail design and is equipped with a slider balance device, ensuring the accuracy and stability of operation.

To improve the service life and performance of the equipment, all anti-wear components of the high-speed heat exchanger fin production line are equipped with an electronic timing automatic lubrication system. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, the equipment will automatically stop running to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

fin production line

Meanwhile, the advanced and concise control system ensures the accurate operation and stopping of the slider, meeting the requirements of high-precision component production. In addition, the fin production line also can adapt to various automated production needs, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing costs.

The high-speed heat exchanger fin stamping line is widely used in the production of small precision parts such as precision electronics, communication, computers, household appliances, automotive components, motors, and rotors.

These industries have high requirements for product accuracy, stability, and reliability, and high-speed heat exchanger fin production lines can meet these needs. By using this production line, you can significantly improve product quality, drive industrial development, and enhance the overall competitiveness of your factory.

Progressive die fin production line

Fin production line Technical data

1Size of Table80×58×10cm
2Die Height200~270mm
3Capacity450 KN
4Slide of Stroke40MM
5Stroke150~250 S. P. M
6Main Motor Power5.5kw
7Overall Dimensions650×250×233cm
8Sucking Length1000mm
9Die Height Adjustment: Motorised
10Overload Protect Type: Hydraulic
11Width of Material300mm
12Signal Output: Rotary Encoder
13Angle Display: Pilot Pin &
Digital Mode
14Crank Bearing WayRoller Bearing
copper fin die
progressive die make fin

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Heat exchanger fin machine

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Q: What is the packaging of this fin production line?

A: These machines are packed in wooden cases. To smoothly load the machines into containers, we pack the machines lying down.

Q: What is the punching force of your stamping machine?

A: The punching force of this machine is 45 tons, and the production speed is 260 times per minute. Your factory floor needs to be reinforced, can only be produced on the first floor

Q: Can you provide progressive molds?

A: Purchasing stamping machines, we also provide molds, and one-stop purchasing can save you a lot of time.

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