• Fin press line of heat exchanger

Fin press line of heat exchanger

Fin spacing: 1-15mm optional
Fin length: Any length
External dimensions: 1400 * 1000 * 1650mm
Energy consumption: 5.5kw
Maximum working size: 300-450mm optional

Machine Overview

The fin press line is a precision equipment specifically used for manufacturing heat transfer fins, which are key components in heat exchangers to enhance heat exchange efficiency.

Heat exchangers are widely used in various industries, including but not limited to automobiles, ships, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, hydraulic oil cooling, and other fields.

This Fin press line has a high-precision mold and control system, which can produce fins of different shapes.

Automated fin-forming machines can improve production speed, reduce manual errors, and ensure product quality and consistency.

The material types that this Fin press line can process (such as aluminum, copper, or other alloys),

can produce different geometric shapes of fins (such as straight fins, corrugated fins, etc.), with low-cost mold replacement,

Low-cost equipment investment generates maximum benefits, which is crucial for heat exchanger manufacturers

heat exchanger aluminum fins

Fin press line data

1Fin spacing1-15mm optional
2Fin lengthAny length
3Fin height1.5-12mm
4Machine noise60 decibels
5External dimensions140*100*165cm
6Energy consumption5.5kw
7Power supply3-phase, 380V
8Max working size300mm
9Metal materials aluminum
Stainless steel
Fin press line
Fin press line

Fin press line advantage

1, It features a robust 4-column design, which ensures stability during operation, and is equipped with an automatic lubrication system to maintain optimal performance and reduce maintenance requirements.

2, The control components are sourced from renowned international brands like Siemens or Mitsubishi, providing a reliable and advanced control system for precise operation.

3, The Fin press line is capable of full-automatic production, enhancing productivity and minimizing the need for manual intervention.

4, It utilizes servo motor drive technology to accurately control the length of the fins, ensuring consistent quality in the finished products.

5, This machine can achieve low-cost mold replacement and produce various types of fins, such as wavy, serrated, linear, etc., thereby increasing the flexibility to meet different production needs.

6, In addition, the machine can process different metal raw materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper, etc., providing versatility to adapt to different applications and requirements.

Fin press line manufacturer factory video

Fin type

  • Wave type
  • Serrated type
  • Linear type
  • Louver
  • Bulbous shape
  • Curved shape
Fin press line
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