• Aluminum fin machine of radiators and condensers

Aluminum fin machine of radiators and condensers

Aluminum foil thickness: 0.05-0.12mm

Minimum order quantity: 1 pcs

Aluminum fin width: 1-180mm

Fin material: copper & aluminum

Production speed: 100 meters/min

Machine Description

As advanced production equipment, aluminum fin machine play an important role in improving production efficiency and reducing costs for factories in the field of automotive radiators.

It is mainly used to produce corrugated aluminum fins with a fin height of 8mm, providing a reliable solution for various automotive and truck, engineering vehicle radiator, and condenser applications.

The core component of the aluminum fin machine is the roller forming device, which is a blade made of metal with high tungsten content.

After precise mechanical cutting and grinding, it is combined into a roller mold. This device is independently designed and can easily replace molds of different sizes to meet different production needs

The control system of this aluminum fin machine integrates PLC, frequency converter, servo motor drive control, and touch screen control. The machine can be precisely controlled during the production process, ensuring that the size, shape, appearance,

and other requirements of each fin meet high standards.

Operators can easily set and adjust various parameters, such as fin height, production speed, etc., through the touch screen. The user-friendly design of the touchscreen makes operation more convenient and greatly improves production efficiency.

Aluminum fin machine data

3Aluminum foil thickness0.05-0.12mm
4Minimum order quantity1 pcs
5Aluminum fin width1-180mm
6Fin materialcopper
7Production speed100 meters
intercooler fin machine
Radiator manufacturer

application area

  • auto radiator
  • Truck intercooler
  • Engineering vehicle oil cooler
  • Generator radiator
  • Diesel engine cooler
  • Household air conditioning condenser
  • Automotive Condensers
  • Vehicle air conditioning heater
  • Computer cooling

aluminum fin machine video


Aluminum finned machines, with their efficient and precise production capacity and advanced technological configuration, have become a must-have equipment for many radiator and condenser manufacturers.

Aluminum finned machines play a crucial role in household air conditioners, industrial heat exchangers, and automotive radiators. Its widespread application undoubtedly brings enormous economic and social benefits to modern industrial production.


Q: What control is used for this machine?

A: The control system of this machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen, and the touch screen language is English and Chinese.

Q: Can this machine produce fins for truck radiators?

A: Yes, it can not only produce fins for truck radiators but also fins for various heat exchange parts such as condensers, evaporators, heaters, etc.

Q: Does this machine have blood pressure lubricating oil?

A: This machine requires lubricating oil during high-speed production. This equipment is already equipped with an automatic lubrication device, and you only need to add volatile oil.

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