• Low fin Machine Manufacturer in China

Low fin Machine Manufacturer in China

Tube metal: iron, copper
Tube diameter: 9-65mm
Touch screen: None
Cooling fluid: dedicated
Length: 6 meters
Motor: 11kw
Packaging: Wooden box

Machine Overview

The Low fin machine is an industrial production equipment that has three sets of rollers to squeeze metal tubes, forming a spiral-shaped low fin. This type of tube is used in the heat exchanger industry

The machine has a very compact structural design, with the motor driving the gear to rotate and the gear connected to the universal joint driving the roller mold to work,

During the production process, it is only necessary to adjust the gap between the rollers to achieve the production of pipes with different diameters

The two sides of the mold adopt a hollow design, and the equipment can produce low-fin tubes of any length

Low fin tube machine data

1Tube metal: iron, copper
2Tube diameter: 9-65mm
3Touch screen: None
4Cooling fluid: dedicated
5Length: 6 meters
6Motor: 11kw
7Packaging: Wooden box
fin pipe 副本
Spiral tubes

low fin tube machine advantage

1, Free control of low fin tube length

The two sides of the machine are hollow, and it can produce pipes of any length,

2, Reasonable structural design

The structural design of this machine has been continuously improved, and its body is solid and durable

3, No need for high maintenance costs

The structure of this low fin tube machine is simple, and it runs smoothly. Each maintenance only requires adding lubricating oil, without expensive maintenance costs

4, Flexible roller mold

This mold can be adjusted without damage to accommodate the production of pipes with different diameters, which is very friendly for the factory

Low fin tube machine working video


Q: Can this machine produce spiral tubes?

A: We can produce equipment with spiral tubes, which look basically the same in appearance.

Q: What is the delivery time for this low-finned tube machine?

A: The fastest delivery time for this machine is 35 days.

Q: Can the roller mold of this machine be replaced?

A: Of course, you can manufacture roller molds of different sizes.

Q: Can I customize the machine’s appearance to be gray-white?

A: Of course.

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