• Temperature Profiling instrument supplier from China

Temperature Profiling instrument supplier from China

Power consumption: ≤ 35mA
channels: 10 pcs
Battery: 950mA
Collection rate: 0.05~999S
Measurement accuracy ± 0.5 ℃

Measurement range -40~1370 ℃

Instrument Overview

Temperature profiling instruments are industrial equipment that collect temperature data through high-precision instruments, which are then transmitted to computers via WIFI. Engineers can monitor temperature changes in real-time

This instrument is a K-type thermocouple that collects temperature data. It can collect temperature changes at 10 different positions, and the temperature measurement range is -40℃-1350 ℃

Temperature Profiling instrument technical parameter

1Power consumption≤ 35mA
2Instrument modelCH-200K
3channels6-10 pcs
5Collection rate0.05-999S
6instrument size14* 6* 2cm
7Measurement accuracy± 0.5 ℃
8Working voltageDC 3.7V ~ 4.2V
9Resolution0.1 ℃
10Data storage16 times
12Measurement range -40~1370 ℃
emperature Profiling instrument
emperature Profiling

Temperature Profiling Advantages and Characteristics

1, The instrument uses WIFI to transmit data, and the computer reads and displays it directly. The temperature data is checked online

2, Continue to store data 16 times, each time using different sampling cycles for separate testing, and download it to the computer for grouping and analysis processing

3, The Temperature Profiling instrument already includes analysis software, which is based on Windows 11 and compatible with tablets for data analysis

4, The instrument measurement accuracy is ± 0.5 ℃, and this high-precision data effectively helps engineers provide product quality

5, High-temperature protection, the internal temperature of the instrument exceeds 70 ℃, and the testing function is automatically turned off. If it exceeds 80 ℃, the power supply is automatically turned off

Temperature Profiling instrument working video

Parts Configuration Checklist

No.Part NameQuantity
1Instrument packaging box 1 PCS
2High-temperature tape1 PCS
3High-temperature gloves1 PCS
4Thermometer host1 PCS
5High temperature tape1 PCS
6Insulation box1 PCS
7Software USB drive1 PCS
8Data connection cable1 PCS
9Thermocouple plug10 PCS
10Operation manual1 PCS
Brazing furnace temperature

Warranty Policy of Temperature Profiling

1, The warranty period for normal use of this temperature collection instrument is one year

2, Due to quality issues with the insulation box, its internal temperature increased and the instrument burned out. We replaced it unconditionally

3, If there is a problem with the parts that need to be repaired, we will provide the parts free of charge

4, The use of this software is long-term and effective

5, If someone maliciously damages the Temperature Profiling instrument, our repair is not free of charge

emperature Profiling instrument
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