• Furnace temperature data acquisition

Furnace temperature data acquisition

Furnace temperature data acquisition

Place of production :china

Customer customization:yes

resolving power 0.1 ℃

Battery: Li-ion 950mA

measuring range : - 40~1370 ℃

Furnace temperature data acquisition. It uses a computer direct reading display, which makes it easier to use.

Furnace temperature data acquisition applicable scope:

Annealing technique. oil refinery sector. spraying plastic. furnace of brazing aluminum. baking varnish for metal surface preparation a heating process. A lot of people use ceramics and other industries.

technical data

  • Product Name: Furnace temperature data acquisition
  • Power consumption of thermometer: ≤35mA
  • Number of channels:4/6/8/9/10/12/16/20/24/32
  • Battery: Li-ion 950mA
  • Acquisition rate:0.05s ~999.95s (optional as required)
  • Thermometer size: 140mm*62mm*20mm
  • measurement accuracy:±0.5℃ + sensor accuracy 0.3%
  • Operating voltage: DC3. 7V~DC4. 2V
  • resolving power 0.1 ℃
  • Continuous test: The maximum storage time is 16 times
  • Maximum internal temperature:80.0℃
  • Memory capacity:230400data points
  • Start mode: Key start / delay start / temperature start
  • Sensor: K-type thermocouple
  • measuring range40~1370 ℃
Furnace temperature data acquisition

Brazing furnace temperature curve

software analysis

  • The curves can all be bold.
  • It is possible to export the test report in WORD or PDF format.
  • Calculating time above N temperature points
  • Excel format can be saved.
  • You can figure out how long it takes for any two temperatures to heat up.
  • control of the furnace temperature zone systematically
  • The max temperature is clearly shown in the test data.
  • comparing times Test data
  • Curves that are not satisfactory can be changed and tweaked.
Brazing furnace temperature
Brazing furnace temperature record
Furnace temperature data recorder
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