aluminum fin press production line

production line synopsis

Aluminum fin press is a pneumatic press. The pneumatic press can be divided into open type and closed type, which can be divided into single point and multi-point. The main tonnage range is 25-350. The machine can be customized according to customer requirements

aluminum fin press production line characteristic

  1. The body is welded with steel plates, with solid materials and good rigidity;
  2. High precision machining is used, with high parallelism and verticality;
  3. The guide rail adopts a rectangular six-sided extended type, which is matched with the lining plate to improve the stamping accuracy and wear resistance;
  4. Forced lubrication system is adopted to prevent wear;
  5. When equipped with grating, it can be stopped in full stroke and inching can be realized, and it is safer to use at the same time;
  6. The combined pneumatic friction clutch brake is used to ensure smooth engagement and sensitive action;
  7. Most models are equipped with electric mold adjustment, and the mold height digital display is more convenient!

Aluminum Fin Press Advantages

Condenser fin mold

High-speed production

The fastest speed of this production line is 300 times per minute, Its production is safe and fast

Industrial heat exchanger

Control system

It is a PLC control system with reasonable machine structure and guaranteed fin quality

Condenser fin mold

Competitive Pricing

A competitive price is our consistent service tenet. Please contact us for more details

Why choose our aluminum fin press line

15 years of experience in mold design and manufacturing
We design and manufacture each type of fin mold independently

aluminum fin press machine
aluminum fin press

Fin molds made of various raw materials and fins from various fields for aluminum fin press production line

Our services

mold design

Make mold according to your design Convective heat exchanger We are very professional in the field of cross-flow heat exchanger

Technical training

Install the machine and train your engineers, Our after-sales engineers will complete these tasks, This is a turnkey project

Customized machine

We customize the production line according to your design, It is our pleasure to deliver goods on time

after-sale service

When the change of the production line is damaged, We will replace new parts for you free of charge


Q: What is the package of this machine?

A: This machine is packed in wooden cases, To put containers easily, we will use horizontal packing machines

Q: Does this machine have a manipulator?

A: Our machine has no manipulator, it is a fully customized production line

Q: What is the delivery time of this machine?

A: Because this is a customized machine, our delivery time is 60 days

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