Condenser tube production line

Machine Overview

In the automotive industry, the condenser tube production line has achieved a fully automated production process from aluminum foil to finished tubes. Firstly, the aluminum foil material is precisely bent into a circular tube shape, and then the seams are firmly welded using high-frequency welding technology.

After welding is completed, the machine will automatically remove excess weld scars to ensure a smooth and flawless surface of the pipe. Finally, according to the predetermined length requirements, the pipe will be precisely cut. This series of operations are automatically completed by the machine, ensuring production efficiency and product quality.

Condenser tube production line data

Condenser tube production line
2Power supplycustomer specified
3Material 4343/3003/7072
4Material thickness1.5-3mm
5Tube typeO type
D type
6Production typeContinuous
7Cooling type
liquid cooling
8Mold typeModular Design
9Welding machineWED optional

Advantages of the production line

Modular design of molds

Modular structure molds can be quickly replaced within a certain period of time, saving valuable time for production

Visual settings

A 10 inch touchscreen allows engineers to visually operate and set various parameters of the machine,

Eliminate weld scars

This production line is equipped with internal and external weld scar elimination devices, which operate automatically during the production process without the need for worker supervision

Automatic liquid cooling

The machine has been equipped with a liquid cooling device and a fan, and the coolant is circulated for use without the need for frequent manual changes to the coolant

Condenser tube production line factory layout

The external dimensions of this production line consist of aluminum tube manufacturing machines, high-frequency welding machines, welding machine transformers, raw material feeding machines, aluminum tube cutting devices, coolant circulation devices, and other parts

The high-frequency welding machine and the variable pressure machine of the welding machine occupy a lot of space, so installing a complete condenser tube production line requires a factory area of approximately 15 meters in length and 5 meters in width

15 * 5 meters is the smallest machine installation location. Considering the transportation channels for raw materials and aluminum pipes, the actual factory requires more area

The installation of aluminum foil for coils requires a small crane, and the minimum length of the factory workshop is 20-25 meters


Q: What tube size can this production line produce?

A: One mold produces the diameter of one tube, and you can change the mold to produce more sizes.

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: This is a precision machine, and the fastest delivery time is 120 days.

Q: What is the fastest production speed of this device?

A: The thickness of the condenser tube exceeds 1.5mm, and its fastest production speed is 60-80 meters per minute.

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