• NOCOLOK Flux brazing furnace

NOCOLOK Flux brazing furnace

Heating type: optional for electricity and natural gas
Brazing: Aluminum
Production type: continuous production
Atmosphere: Nitrogen controllable
Cooling: air cooling, water cooling

 Machine Overview

The NOCOLOK flux brazing furnace is an aluminum brazing equipment manufactured using advanced technology. It can weld multiple complex aluminum parts together in one go, effectively solving the welding problem of complex structural parts that traditional welding methods are difficult to handle.

The working principle of this device is to pre-coat the surface of the aluminum parts to be welded with brazing flux, and then place them in the brazing furnace for heating.

At high temperatures, the NOCOLOK flux melts and forms a thin and sturdy metal layer on the surface of aluminum parts, thereby achieving the welding of aluminum parts.

Due to the use of controllable atmosphere protection welding, it can effectively avoid oxidation problems that occur in traditional welding

NOCOLOK Flux brazing furnace advantages

1, Efficiency:

Due to the ability to weld multiple aluminum parts at once, it greatly improves production efficiency.

2, High quality:

Adopting controllable atmosphere protection welding can avoid oxidation problems and achieve high-quality welding results.

3, Easy to operate:

The operation is simple, just place the parts in the NOCOLOK Flux brazing furnace and set the parameters.

4, Wide applicability:

suitable for welding aluminum parts with various complex structures.

NOCOLOK Flux characteristics

1melting point range565-572 °C
2melting point solder577 °C
3particle size0.2-0.5 μm
5flux coolerwhite
hydrogen brazing furnace
aluminium brazing furnace

Advantages of the NOCOLOK Brazing process

  • 1. NOCOLOK Flux is inert without corrosion;
  • 2. Larger allowable clearance;
  • 3. Good gap-filling performance;
  • 4. Strengthen the corrosion resistance (synthetic aluminum, Zn deposition treatment);
  • 5. The brazed surface is suitable for chromizing/spraying;
  • 6. Allow imperfect cleaning;
  • 7. Do not clean after brazing;
  • 8. The ability of removing oxide film is very strong;
  • 9. Simple storage method;
  • 10. Do not remove brazing residues.

NOCOLOK Flux brazing furnace working video

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