• nitrogen brazing furnace for aluminum radiators

nitrogen brazing furnace for aluminum radiators

Mafu Materials: SS316L
Nitrogen: 99.999%
Solder flux: spraying
Production type: Automatic
Cooling: Air cooling
Appearance: default gray


Machine Overview

This nitrogen brazing furnace adopts advanced automatic temperature control technology, with a temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃. This brazing furnace has an automatic flux stirring device, an independent drying area, and a fully automatic continuous brazing ability. It is suitable for factories producing aluminum radiators or condensers on a large scale,

This brazing furnace is controlled by PLC, and engineers can freely program the entire brazing project through the touch screen. This fully automatic control method can effectively avoid quality problems caused by human error

The muffle chamber of the aluminum brazing furnace heating furnace is made of imported stainless steel plate (SUS316L) with a thickness of 8mm or more. This stainless steel material can extend the service life of the equipment to over 15 years

workflow of nitrogen brazing furnace

  1. Heating temperature,
    Before the brazing furnace can operate normally, it needs to be heated to 620 ℃, which usually takes 2-6 hours. This process is fully automatic, and engineers can set heating programming to increase the temperature by 80-100 ℃ per hour
  1. Aluminum brazing flux
    This nitrogen brazing furnace has two flux stirring tanks, one tank is used to spray the surface of the aluminum core, and the flux of the other tank is applied to the head plate position of the core. The aluminum flux ratio of the two tanks is different
  1. Normal production
    This is a fully automated production line, where workers only need to place the aluminum core on the chain of the brazing furnace, spray aluminum brazing flux, dry the aluminum core, braze, and cool the core. These processes do not require worker supervision
  1. Nitrogen protection
    In the normal production process, the supply of nitrogen must be continuous. If the nitrogen is interrupted or the quality of nitrogen is poor, it will cause irreversible defects to the aluminum material products

nitrogen brazing furnace details

1Mafu MaterialsSS316L
2Tunnel width50-180cm
4Solder fluxspraying
5Production typeautomatic
6Cooling typeAir cooling
7Appearancedefault gray


aluminum brazing furnaces
aluminium brazing furnace

nitrogen brazing furnace video


Q: How much nitrogen does this brazing furnace require per hour?

A: Our new technology has reduced nitrogen usage by 55%, and now only 50 cubic meters of nitrogen are needed per hour.

Q: What are the height dimensions of the tunnel?

A: The height of this brazing furnace is 300mm, and the maximum passing size is 250mm. We can customize a larger height according to the size of your product.

Q: How many workers are needed for this brazing furnace?

A: Normal production of this equipment requires 5-6 workers and one engineer.

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