• Nitrogen make machine

Nitrogen make machine

Place of production: china

Customer customization: yes

Extraction gas type: nitrogen

Air input pressure: < 0.8MPa

Nitrogen output pressure: < 0.6MPa


Machine Overview

This Nitrogen make machine is a device that uses compressed air as raw material and generates nitrogen through the principle of pressure swing adsorption.

This model adopts an electromechanical integrated design and integrates an automated control system, which can achieve automatic operation without manual intervention.

This model adopts a PLC controller as the core control unit, which is connected to pneumatic valves and other executing components through input and output modules to achieve automatic control of the nitrogen production process.

At the same time, the model is also equipped with a human-machine interface, making it convenient for users to set parameters and monitor.

Nitrogen make machine Main advantages

1) High degree of automation, capable of achieving unmanned operation.

2) High nitrogen production efficiency, capable of quickly producing high-purity nitrogen gas.

3) Easy to operate and maintain.

4) Low energy consumption, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.

5) Widely applicable, it can be applied to the nitrogen demand of different industries.

Nitrogen make machine technical parameter

1Nitrogen purity99.5-99.99%
2output pressure< 0.8MPa
3Working temperaturenormal temperature
6Product size1300*520* 400mm
7Working principlePSA PSA physical
nitrogen production
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Nitrogen make machine Features

1, Rapid nitrogen production:

Advanced technology and airflow distributor are used to make the airflow more uniform, and carbon molecular sieves can provide qualified nitrogen in about 20 minutes.

2, Convenient to use:

The device has a compact structure, an overall sled-mounted design, a small footprint, no need for significant capital investment, and minimal investment.

The nitrogen flow can only be produced by connecting to the on-site power supply, and the operation is simple and convenient.

3, Automatic operation:

The Nitrogen make machine adopts imported PLC control, and fully automatic operation, and can achieve the adjustment and continuous display of nitrogen flow rate, pressure,

and purity. It can be operated continuously without manual intervention.

4, Energy saving and environmental protection:

PSA process is a simple method for nitrogen production, which only consumes the electrical energy consumed by air compression, has low operating costs, low energy consumption, and high efficiency.

5, Widely applicable:

This nitrogen generator can be widely used in various fields such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, electronics, etc., providing high-purity nitrogen to meet various needs.

6, High reliability:

The Nitrogen make machine mechanism has a stable and reliable nitrogen process, with high reliability and stability.

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