• aluminum tube mill machine

aluminum tube mill machine

Total power: 168kw

Production speed: 120m/min

Production speed: 120 meters

Tube type: 0 shape

Tube application: Aluminum radiators

Cutting type: automatic

Machine Overview

This is an aluminum tube mill machine used to produce flat tubes for internal combustion engine radiators. It consists of multiple sets of roller molds, which roll and shape aluminum foil of 4343/3003/7072 into type 0 aluminum tubes. The gaps in the aluminum tubes are welded by high-frequency welding machines

The fastest production speed of this machine is 120 meters per minute. With an independent roller mold design, it can easily produce various sizes of aluminum tubes by simply changing the mold In today’s aluminum radiator factories, there is always an aluminum tube rolling machine

Tube mill machine Technical details

1Aluminum tube sizecustomized
2Tube wall thickness0.28mm
3Total power168kw
4Production speed120m/min
5Production speed120 meters
6Tube type0 shape
7Tube applicationAluminum radiators
8Cutting typeautomatic
jeep radiator
engine radiator

Maintenance of aluminum tube mill machine

1. In the process of use, we must strictly operate according to the operation process in the operation manual, let alone overload the operation and use of the tube mill machine. In addition, before complaining about production, that is, mechanical operation,

we must check whether all parts of the machine can work normally and whether there are any faults, Only when all parts and indexes of the machine are normal can it be started and put into production, otherwise it will cause loss to the machine.

2. After checking all parts of the high-frequency welded tube unit, we can start the machine for operation. During the production process of the machine, we must ensure the stability of the temperature and production status of the machine.

If the machine fails, we must stop production in time and check what parts of the machine have problems, to avoid greater losses. The main faults include unstable mechanical operation, grinding of the machine, and whether there is abnormal noise during operation. If there is a problem, it should be checked in time.

radiator tube Roller welded machine

3. After the aluminum tube mill has been used for some time, we should pay attention to regular lubrication and cleaning of the machine to ensure that the aluminum tube mill is clean. Only in this way can the machine operate normally and be light in use.

The aging parts in the machine must be replaced in time to ensure that the tube mill machine can operate normally at any time.

In addition, when the machine is not applicable, take good care of the high-frequency welded pipe unit, and do not discard it arbitrarily.

aluminum tube mill machine video

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