• nocolok brazing furnace

nocolok brazing furnace

Mafu Material: SS316L

Ma Fu thickness: 8+10mm

Temperature control: DPI

Ma Fu width: 600-2000mm

Atmosphere: Nitrogen protection

Heating method: natural gas, electricity

Machine Overview

This Nocolok brazing furnace is a specialized aluminum brazing equipment that uses Nocolok brazing flux technology and performs brazing in a nitrogen-protected environment to achieve large-scale and continuous production.

The main advantages of this equipment include high productivity, excellent welding quality, and lower production costs.

The temperature control of the brazing furnace is adjusted through PID. The material of the muffle in the tunnel is 316L stainless steel, with an upper muffle of 8mm and a lower muffle of 10mm thickness.

The muffle adopts a flat arch with a flat bottom design. The net width inside the muffle is 1.1 times the width of the mesh belt, which can avoid friction between the metal mesh belt and the muffle sidewall in any situation

nocolok brazing furnace
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Nocolok brazing furnace control system

The temperature of the brazing furnace is controlled by PID, which can accurately control the temperature of the equipment.

The human-computer interaction interface adopts an industrial computer and a 17-inch touchscreen, making operations more convenient and intuitive.

The high intelligence of the entire control system allows users to control and manage remotely.

At the same time, the system is also equipped with account and password control for engineers and managers, which can ensure the security of the system and the convenience of management.

Technical Parameter

1Mafu MaterialSS316L
2MaFu width600-2000mm
3AtmosphereNitrogen protection
4Production processaluminum brazing
5Heating methodnatural gas
6Temperature controlPID
7MaFu thickness8+10mm
8CoolingAir cooling
9Production rhythmcustomization
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Production method of nocolok brazing furnace

It is a continuous brazing method, where the assembled aluminum product is first degreased at high temperature, then cooled and sprayed with nocolok brazing flux,

Next, dry the surface moisture of the aluminum product and perform high-temperature brazing treatment. After brazing is completed, the aluminum product undergoes cooling treatment,

Finally, workers need to move the aluminum products away from this production line. The entire production process is continuous, and the control system is fully involved in the work, with intelligent temperature control

Application area

This brazing furnace has many advantages such as continuous large-scale production, intelligent control system, and long service life, so it has a very wide range of applications in the following fields

  • Automotive aluminum radiator
  • Truck radiator
  • Plate and bar heat exchangers
  • Household air conditioning condenser
  • Vehicle evaporator
  • Vehicle condenser
  • Industrial aluminum oil cooler
  • Electric car battery cooling plate
  • Air conditioning aluminum tube

Nocolok brazing furnace working video

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