• CAB brazing furnace manufacturer

CAB brazing furnace manufacturer

Maximum temperature: 720 ℃
Heating method: optional for electricity and natural gas
Cooling: Air cooling
Production type: Continuous
Atmosphere: Nitrogen
Delivery time: 95 days

Machine Overview

The CAB brazing furnace is the core equipment in the manufacturing of aluminum radiators. It can perform continuous brazing in a nitrogen-protected environment, ensuring the welding quality and efficiency of the aluminum core.

This device is usually equipped with an advanced temperature control system, which can achieve fully automatic control of the entire production process.

This automatic control technology helps to maintain the stability of the welding process, improve production efficiency, and reduce human operation errors, meeting the high requirements for heat dissipation performance and reliability in industrial applications.

CAB brazing furnace Working principle

These steps appear to be a routine process in the brazing process, and the following are explanations for each step:

1, Degreasing:

First, it is necessary to clean the surface of the aluminum radiator, which removes grease and impurities from the surface of the aluminum core through high temperature.

2, Spraying flux:

After degreasing, a layer of flux will be sprayed on the surface of the aluminum radiator. Solder flux is a chemical substance that helps to flow brazing materials and wet the surface to be welded.

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3, Drying:

After the brazing flux is sprayed, the aluminum radiator needs to be thoroughly dried to avoid moisture evaporation affecting the atmosphere inside the CAB brazing furnace

4, Operation:

Before welding, it is necessary to correctly position and fix the aluminum core of the aluminum radiator to ensure that the gaps between each part are even

5, Brazing:

Put the aluminum product into a CAB brazing furnace for brazing. In a nitrogen-protected atmosphere, aluminum components are continuously welded together. This process is fully automated

6, Cooling:

After brazing is completed, the aluminum radiator needs to go through a cooling process to bring it back to the ambient temperature. This process is rapid cooling through an air-cooling system

7, Completion:

After cooling, the aluminum radiator is ready for subsequent inspection or can proceed directly to the next production step

CAB brazing furnace data

1Maximum temperature720 ℃
2Heating methodelectricity and
natural gas
3Working width800-1500mm
4Solder flux typenocolok
5CoolingAir cooling
6Production typecontinuous
8Delivery time95 days
9Minimum order quantity1 pcs
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CAB brazing furnace video

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