• Aluminum brazing furnace of radiator and condenser

Aluminum brazing furnace of radiator and condenser

Max Temperature: 0-720℃

Thermocouple: Type K

Heating rate: 80-120℃/h

Brazing technology: NOCOLOK

Cooling method: air cooling

Machine Overview

This aluminum brazing furnace is a specialized equipment for brazing aluminum radiators. It is a continuous brazing production line in an atmosphere-protected environment.

This type of equipment has a wide range of applications and can be used for brazing various aluminum heat exchangers such as aluminum radiators, condensers, evaporators, intercoolers, oil coolers, etc.

With the continuous development of industry, electric cars have rapidly popularized people’s lives, and the battery cooling plates of these electric cars are also produced using this aluminum brazing furnace

During the aluminum brazing process, a layer of 4343 material on the surface of the aluminum material will melt, which comes into contact with another layer of aluminum material. After rapid cooling, the two are welded together,

This brazing process is carried out under the protection of the atmosphere, effectively preventing oxidation and corrosion, and ensuring the quality and strength of the weld.

aluminum brazing furnace data

2ThermocoupleType K
3Measurement accuracy2℃ or 0.2%
4Heating rate80-120℃/h
5Brazing technologyNOCOLOK
6Cooling methodair cooling
aluminum brazing furnace
jeep radiator

aluminum brazing furnace production process

1, Degreasing

Before brazing, perform a degreasing treatment to remove oil and rust stains on the surface of the aluminum radiator, to ensure the smooth progress of the brazing process.

2, Flux Spray

After degreasing is completed, spray the brazing flux on the aluminum radiator and allow the brazing flux to fully penetrate the small pores of the aluminum radiator.

3, Drying

Dry the aluminum radiator that has undergone spray treatment to remove excess moisture and maintain thorough drying

4, Brazing

Place the dried aluminum radiator in a continuous aluminum brazing furnace with a protective atmosphere for brazing.

Under the protection of the atmosphere, all parts of the aluminum radiator are brazed at high temperatures

5, Cooling

After brazing is completed, the aluminum radiator is cooled to quickly cool down in a short time, forming a strong connection.

6, Forced cooling

Forced cooling of aluminum radiators to achieve the specified temperature range in a shorter time, facilitating worker operation

7, Completion

After the above steps, the operation process of the protective atmosphere continuous aluminum brazing furnace has been completed.

Workers need to place the welded aluminum core in the designated position

Aluminum brazing furnace working video


Q: What is the delivery time for this machine?

A: Under normal circumstances, its delivery time is 95 days.

Q: How much nitrogen is consumed per hour?

A: It is an innovative technology that saves 60% of ammonia compared to old machines, Only 50 cubic meters are needed per hour.

Q: Can it be heated using natural gas?

A: We have a solution to use natural gas heating to choose from.

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