• Tube expanding machine

Tube expanding machine

machine neme :Tube expanding machine


prime mover:Hydraulic or servo (Optional)

Production speed:160-240 pcs/h

Working size: customized

Delivery time: 45 days


Horizontal radiator tube expanding machine Structure

horizontal heat exchanger tube expander adopts vertical layout, manual loading and unloading, one-time clamping can complete tube expansion, flaring, flanging process

The length adjusting device of secondary flaring is driven by motor reducer, chain wheel and chain to rotate and adjust synchronously.


The adjusting block which controls the distance between the two end plates of the workpiece can be set and adjusted automatically through the touch screen tube expanding machine.

The motor reducer sprocket, chain and lead screw drive the adjusting block to rise and fall synchronously. The rotary encoder and PLC terminal touch screen display the length change of the workpiece

The expansion rod is fast fixed and mechanically locked. The emergency stop protection device is adopted.

The workpiece ejection mechanism can also be selected to facilitate the removal of workpiece

machine dete

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