• Heat exchanger Vertical expander

Heat exchanger Vertical expander

Place of production :china

Dimensions:W1 × L1.2 × h2.5m

Customization: Yes

weight: 5.5T

Power supply:  380V

Delivery time: 45 days

The Heat exchanger Vertical expander machine adopts vertical layout, and the equipment is composed of base, guide post, oil cylinder, hydraulic station, workpiece clamping device, electric control box, etc.

Vertical tube expander is a kind of special equipment for processing fin heat exchanger.

Its working principle is to insert the expanding rod and expanding head into the copper tube of the heat exchanger through hydraulic transmission to make the copper tube plastic deformation, so as to make the copper tube and fin contact closely.

The operating system of the equipment is controlled by touch screen, which has the advantages of compact structure, intuitive and convenient operation, high degree of automation and long service life.

The expansion rod fixing device of the equipment adopts groove and retaining plate positioning, and the expansion rod adopts cylinder positioning. Its advantages are that the expansion rod is easy to load and unload, and the retaining plate ensures the unity and accuracy of the expansion rod in work.

The expansion rod and expansion head of the equipment adopt advanced heat treatment method, which makes the expansion rod not only have a certain hardness, but also increase its willfulness, thus increasing their service life. The device adopts the door type loading and unloading mode, which is easy to operate, reduces the manual labor of workers, and is a product that users can choose.

Heat exchanger Vertical expander

1. Equipment name: φ 9.52 vertical mechanical pipe expander

2. Equipment model: ch1200h

3. Workpiece fixing mode: opening and closing mode

4. Working dimensions
      1. The dimension between end plates is min 200 mm; max 1200 mm
      2. Number of columns × number of sections 6 columns × 40 holes
      3. Column spacing × section spacing 25mm × 21.65mm
5. Equipment specifications
    • 240 large expansion pipes
    • Large expansion thrust 30T
    • Expansion mode: once expansion
    • Expansion speed
      1. Slow down 2m / min
      2. 5 m / min at high speed
      3. Mechanical cycle working time product is 400mm / 15sec (excluding up and down workpiece time)

6. Equipment structure: Automatic adjustment of datum gauge (EL setting)

7. Standard accessories and spare parts
      1. 240 expansion bars (spring steel)
      2. 240 expansion heads (provided by users)
      3. 120 U-shaped seats

8. Workpiece fixture: Manual door closing: 100 mm × 3 groups; 200 mm × 4 groups

9. Hydraulic drive

    • Common pressure high pressure value 140kg / cm2
    • Motor capacity 15kw
    • Tank capacity 200L
    • Oil number R46 or R32

10. Air pressure capacity 4 ~ 6kg / cm2

11. Emergency stop button switch of safety circuit, with synchronous locking function

12. Overall dimension of equipment (about) W1000mm × L1200mm × h2500mm

13. Power supply:  380V ± 10%, 50 Hz

vertical expander machine details

Heat exchanger Vertical expander

Heat exchanger Vertical expander

Vertical expander

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