• Vertical expander machine of heat exchanger

Vertical expander machine of heat exchanger

Place of production :china

Dimensions:W1 × L1.2 × h2.5m

Customization: Yes

weight: 5.5T

Power supply:  380V

Delivery time: 45 days

Machine contour

The vertical expander machine of the heat exchanger adopts a vertical layout, consisting of a base, guide pillars, oil cylinders, hydraulic stations, workpiece clamping devices, electric control boxes, etc.

Its main function is to process finned heat exchangers and insert the expansion rod and expansion head into the copper tubes of the heat exchanger through hydraulic transmission, causing plastic deformation of the copper tubes and making them in close contact with the fins.

The expansion rod of the vertical expander machine adopts a cylindrical positioning, which has the advantages of easy loading and unloading of the expansion rod, and the baffle ensures unity and accuracy during work.

In addition, the expansion rod and expansion head of the equipment are made of high-strength metal materials, which will not wear out after long-term use

Overall, the expander machine is an ideal heat exchanger processing equipment.

Heat exchanger Vertical expander

Vertical expander machine technical data

1Equipment modelCH-1200H
2Workpiece fixing modeopening and closing
3Air pressure0.4-0.6 Mpa
4Motor capacity5.5kw
5Power supply380V ± 10%, 50 Hz
6Oil numberR46 or R32
7Overall dimensionW100×L120×h250cm
8Column spacing25×21.65mm
Vertical expander

vertical expander machine working video


Q: What is the maximum working size of this machine?

A: It is a customized max work size according to user requirements.

Q: The height of this device is very high, how to load it into a container?

A: It is horizontally loaded into a container.

Q: What driving method is used for this vertical expander machine?

A: Usually, it is driven by a hydraulic station, and the latest machines only have servo motor drive.

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