• Convenient Portable tube expander

Convenient Portable tube expander

neme: convenient portable tube expander

expanded tubes: 2 or 4

machine size: L550mm * W300mm * H300mm

Power supply: 380V/ 50Hz

 Machine contour

This Portable tube expander is driven by a servo motor and can easily expand pipes into various required sizes. It is equipped with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, making it convenient for users to operate and set up. This portable expansion machine is suitable for producing large industrial inverters and condensers and has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision, and reliability.

The structure of the equipment consists of six main parts: expansion head, motor, gear transmission mechanism, electric control box, gantry and balancer.

The expansion head is the core part of the equipment, which can precisely extend the length of the pipe. The motor drives the gear transmission mechanism to drive the expansion head for expansion and contraction.

The electric control box is responsible for controlling the operation of the motor and providing necessary electrical protection. The gantry balancer is used to maintain the stability of the machine.

This Portable tube expander has a compact design, is easy to handle and install, and is suitable for various occasions and applications. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and precision, which can meet the needs of large heat exchangers and condensers.

Portable tube expander characteristic

  1. Servo motor drive, silent production
  2. It reduces production costs and improves work efficiency.
  3. One time flaring and flanging (easy to weld, greatly reducing leakage)
  4. Portable type convenient tube expander, easy to work, no restrictions
tube expanding machine

Portable tube expander technical parameter

1Working modesuspended
2Tube expansion speed35-40m per minute
3max length5-10m
4expanded tubes2, 4, 6, 8,
5Tube expansion methodfirst, expand the mouth
then expand the tube
6Boundary dimensionL55*W30*H30cm
7Power supply380V/ 50Hz
Portable pipe expander
Heat exchanger tube expander

Portable tube expander working video


Q: What is the packaging of your convenient portable pipe expander?

A: Our machines are packed in wooden cases.

Q: What is the delivery date of your machine?

A: The delivery time of our machines is 45-50 days.

Q: What is the maximum length of tubes your machine can produce?

A: Usually the tube of this machine is 3m, which can be extended to 5m. Please contact our engineer for other lengths. Our machine can produce a 10m condenser without any problem.

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