• water pressure Tube expanding machine

water pressure Tube expanding machine

Maximum test pressure: 40 MPa

Expansion speed: about 1 piece/min

Expansion medium: water

power: 220 V

Control system: PLC

Workstation: 1 station


Machine Overview

The water pressure Tube expanding machine is a special equipment used in the heat exchanger industry, which consists of a control system, a pressurization system, and special tools for pipes.

The water pressure expansion machine is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen for setting up PLC intelligent control of expansion pressure and automatic operation.

The boosting system adopts two high-pressure liquid boosters, with a maximum pressure of up to 80mpa. It can expand stainless steel 304 pipes, and aluminum and copper pipes can also be easily expanded

Hydrostatic expander

Water pressure Tube expanding machine characteristic

1, The holding time and expansion pressure can be set arbitrarily through the touch screen, ensuring the quality of expansion by producing pipes with different raw materials;

2, This machine is equipped with a button switch and a foot switch; Two types of control can facilitate worker operations

3, The medium inside the pipe is tap water, and the pressure rises and releases quickly, doubling the expansion speed

4, The tools on both sides of the pipe are designed for quick installation, so there is no need to worry about the tools falling off during high-pressure production

Tube expanding technical parameter

1Rated expansion pressure0-80 MPa
2Maximum test pressure80 MPa
3Expansion speed: about 1 piece/min
4Expansion mediumwater
5Control systemPLC
6Workstation1 station
7Tube materialaluminum
water pressure Tube expanding machine

water pressure Tube expanding machine video


Q: What is the packaging of your water expander

A: Our machines are packed in wooden cases

Q: What is the maximum length of tubes your machine can produce

A: This machine uses water to expand tubes. It can expand tubes of any length

Q: What is the delivery date of your water expander

A: The delivery time of our machine is 45 days

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