• Radiator flaring machine

Radiator flaring machine

Place of production: china

Dimensions: 2800 * 1450 * 1650

prime mover: Hydraulic or servo (Optional)

weight: 1.5T

Working size: customized

Delivery time: 45 days

Machine Overview

The Radiator flaring machine is an efficient and automated equipment suitable for the production of mechanical aluminum radiators and heaters. Implemented the fixation of the headboard and aluminum core together

Radiator flaring machine workflow

Place the sealing rubber plate and end plate together to form a complete radiator and place it in the working area of the machine

The machine will automatically complete the expansion work, connecting and fixing the head plate and core together to form a complete aluminum core

After completing the expansion, remove the aluminum core components of the radiator and proceed to the next step of production

Through the automated operation of the Radiator flaring machine, production efficiency and product quality can be greatly improved, manual intervention and errors can be reduced, and production costs can also be lowered.

control system

This machine is equipped with two operating modes: automatic control and manual control, providing users with flexible operating options.

In terms of the electrical control system, the machine adopts a high-performance PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for full process control, ensuring the safety and reliability of the entire expansion process.

The automatic control mode, PLC can complete all actions automatically according to the preset program, without the need for manual intervention, greatly improving production efficiency.

In manual control mode, the operator can manually adjust the control parameters of the PLC according to actual needs, so that the machine can achieve the best working effect under different working conditions.

Radiator flaring machine data

1MOQ1 piece
2aluminum tubeΦ5-12mm
3Processing time10-30 seconds
4Motor power7.5 kw
5Hydraulic pressure5-16mpa
6Equipment weight:1.5T
7Equipment size280*145*165cm
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Radiator flaring machine

radiator flaring machine video

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