• Fin roller machine of radiator and condenser

Fin roller machine of radiator and condenser

Place of production :china

Feeding speed: 120 m / min

Total power: 4.5-7.5kw

Equipment air source pressure: 0.6MPa

Total weight of equipment: 1.8 tons


Machine Outline

The radiator fin roller machine, as the core equipment for processing condensers, radiators, and intercoolers, has a total power of 3.5kw, demonstrating strong power. More importantly, the manufacturing accuracy of the fin drum mold is extremely high, which ensures the quality and cooling performance of the final aluminum fins

In the production process of fins, length is a very important parameter. By using servo motor counting control, the length of the fins can be precisely controlled, thus meeting the needs of various heat sinks of different lengths.

This machine has a length of over 5 meters and a production capacity of 120 meters per minute. Such high-efficiency equipment has significant advantages.

The radiator fin roller machine has become an essential equipment in radiator factories due to its excellent stability and efficient production. Whether in terms of accuracy, efficiency, or application range, it has demonstrated unparalleled strength.

this fin roller machine can make these products

radiator core

Machine advantages

Compared with similar products, our oil cooler fin roller machine has the following advantages:

Stepless adjustment. It can realize stepless adjustment and break through the limitation of fewer gears of traditional mechanical speed regulation.

The structure is compact and easy to operate. The traditional structure is optimized to make the structure more reasonable and the operation more convenient.

High efficiency, low power consumption, and stable performance. The improvement of precision, the reduction of wear, and the optimization of structure make the overall efficiency of the machine tool improve and the performance is more stable.

Convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. The optimization of the structure makes the parts of the machine tool the most simplified so that the maintenance is convenient and the maintenance cost is low

fin roller machine technical data

1Total voltage: 3.5kw
2Fin Cut offservo motor control
3Device interactiontouch screen
5Warranty period12 months
6Delivery time46 days
Fin roller machine
Fin roller machine factory

fin roller machine video


Q: Which markets have your fin machine?

A: This fin machine is competitive in price, beautiful in appearance, and fast in production. India, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Egypt, and Thailand all have our fin machines.

Q: Is this machine packed in wooden cases?

A: Yes, this machine is wrapped in plastic bags and packed in wooden cases outside.

Q: What is the delivery time of this machine?

A: The delivery time of this machine is 50 days.

Q: What is the control system of the radiator fin roller machine?

A: The control system of this fin machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen.

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