• Radiator crimping machine for cars and trucks

Radiator crimping machine for cars and trucks

Scope of use: cars and trucks

machine dimensions: 190*180*220cm

Voltage level: AC-220 V/50 Hz

Total power: 2.5kW

Radiator max-height: 100cm

Machine Overview

The main function of this radiator crimping machine is to combine the head plate, sealing gasket, and plastic tank together to form a complete aluminum radiator.

During the production process, the claws on the headboard will be bent to tightly lock the plastic tank, thereby achieving a tight connection between the plastic tank and the aluminum core, forming a closed radiator.

The use of this radiator crimping machine can improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce manual operation and material waste, and is suitable for the production of aluminum radiators for vehicles such as cars and trucks.

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Main features

This machine adopts an imported touch screen and PLC system, which can display and set the real-time working status of the equipment, such as fabric distance, forward speed, etc.

This device is equipped with storage functions for 999 types of programming data, which can be called as needed. It is particularly suitable for crimping radiators of various sizes and has the characteristics of high efficiency and accuracy.

The device is driven by a servo motor and controls the clamping mechanism to step along a linear guide rail, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the crimping.

The movement mode of the clamping mechanism can avoid obstacles and move forward according to the shape of the plastic can, adapting to different shapes of radiators.

In addition, the equipment is also divided into long-edge buckle presses and short-edge buckle presses, which can be selected and used according to different sizes and shapes.

Radiator crimping machine Technical parameters

1Scope of usecars and trucks
2machine dimension190*180*220cm
3Voltage levelAC-220 V/50 Hz
4Total power2.5kW
5Radiator max height100cm
6Radiator max width85cm
7header width15cm
8MOQ1 pcs
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Our success stories

radiator crimping machine furnace
radiator crimping machine

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Q: How many servo motors does this machine have?

A: Our latest generation machine has two servo motors.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this device?

A: We accept MOQ 1 pcs.

Q: What compressed air pressure is used for this machine?

A: The maximum pressure is 0.65mPa.

Q: What is the production speed of this radiator crimping machine?

A: Produce 20-60 aluminum radiators per hour.

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