• core assembly machine of radiator | intercooler core  builder

core assembly machine of radiator | intercooler core builder

Artifacts core high: 320mm-920mm

Artifacts core width: 800mm

tubes: Single-row and Double-row

power supply: 220V/50Hz

Compressed air: 0.4-0.6Mpa


Machine Overview

The fully automatic core assembly machine combines mechanical automation technology and also includes the function of manual screw adjustment.

The design of this device adopts a Domino mode pipeline layout, which can achieve efficient material distribution.

During the construction process, the overlapping and clamping of flat tubes, as well as the assembly of the motherboard, can all be automated.

In addition, the device can freely switch between manual and automatic operation modes to complete the assembly of aluminum cores, providing users with multiple choices

In the operation of the radiator core assembly machine, components such as flat tubes, fins, motherboards, and side panels can be assembled into a complete radiator core at once.

When assembling the main board, the device has the function of automatic expansion, which helps to improve assembly efficiency and ensure sealing between components.

core assembly machine

core assembly machine Main features

1, Stable operation:

The equipment runs smoothly, reducing faults and wear caused by vibration, improving production efficiency and equipment lifespan.

2, Quick assembly:

With a high degree of automation, it can quickly complete the assembly process of the radiator core and shorten the production cycle.

3, Easy to operate:

The user-friendly user interface makes it easy for operators to get started, reducing training costs and the possibility of operational errors.

4, Low energy consumption:

The equipment is designed efficiently and can operate at lower energy consumption, saving energy and operating costs.

5, No noise from the core assembly machine

The low noise level during operation is conducive to improving the working environment and meets the environmental requirements of modern production.

6, Accurate assembly dimensions:

Automated assembly ensures precise matching of component dimensions, reducing the need for subsequent processing.

condenser core assembly

core assembly machine technical parameter

Main film spacing range380-1200 mm
Fin width16, 18, 20, 24, 26, 32mm
Fin height6, 8, 10mm
tubesmax 80 pcs
Flat tube widtharbitrary
tube thickness2-3mm
tube spacingarbitrary
Main slice widthany
condenser core builder

Q & A

Q: What products can your assembly machine produce ?
A: Our assembly machine can produce radiator, condenser and intercooler

Q: What is the maximum size of radiator produced by your assembly machine
A: It is a customized machine. The maximum assembly size we make is L1800 * W1200 * T56mm,We can customize the machine according to your size

Q: What is the power of your assembly machine
A: Our machines are mainly driven by servo motors

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