• radiator core assembly machine

radiator core assembly machine

power supply: two-phase 220V 50Hz

air pressure: above 0.4mPa

max length: 800mm

max width: 850mm

Equipment weight: 1.8T

 Equipment outline

The Radiator core assembly machine is a device used for assembling heat exchanger cores and heat dissipation belts in automotive radiators, condensers, intercoolers, oil coolers, and other heat exchangers.

It adopts advanced automation technology, which has advantages such as smooth operation, fast assembly, convenient operation, low energy consumption, no noise, accurate assembly dimensions, and easy brazing.

The radiator assembly machine is driven by a cylinder and does not require power consumption. The control system adopts advanced PLC control technology, which can achieve automated production. The operation interface is very simple, and workers can easily use the equipment without training

No.part namepart size
1Fin width16, 18, 22, 24, 26mm
32, 48, 56, 64mm
2Fin height8mm
3Flat pipe width16, 18, 22, 26mm
4pipe thickness2mm
radiator core

Radiator core assembly machine Technical data

1power supplytwo-phase
220V 50Hz
2air pressureabove 0.4mPa
3max length800mm
4max width850mm
5Equipment weight1.8T
6tube rows1-2 rows
7overall dimension220*180*160cm
8Total power0.75kw
radiator core assembly machine
radiator core assembly machine

Radiator core assembly machine working video


Q: Is this machine starting to assemble the aluminum core of the car condenser?

A: Replace a tool that can produce the core of the condenser.

Q: How to assemble the core of the intercooler on this machine?

A: All comb teeth need to be replaced before assembling the intercooler core.

Q: What is the production speed of the radiator core assembly machine?

A: Its production speed depends on the size of the aluminum core, and small-sized cores can produce 160 in 8 hours

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