• Used plastic injection machine

Used plastic injection machine

Place of production: china

Place of production: Famous brand

Customer customization: yes

Status: 95% NEW

Redecorating: yes

Warranty period: 1 year

Machine outline

This used plastic injection machine has the characteristic of high precision and can meet the demand for producing injection molded products with high electronic precision.

The application of its PID temperature control system and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy materials ensures the stability and reliability of the processing process. In addition, offering a variety of screw options also provides customers with greater flexibility and adaptability.

Used plastic injection machine characteristic

1, PID temperature control:

This plastic injection machine can accurately control the temperature of the material pipeline. Through the PID (proportional integral derivative) temperature control system,

it can monitor and adjust the temperature in real time, ensuring the stability and consistency of the material during the processing.

2, Wear resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy materials:

The material pipeline is made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy materials, which can effectively resist wear and corrosion, prolong equipment life, and ensure the stability of material transmission.

3, Three types of screws to choose from:

The plastic injection machine offers three different types of screws for customers to choose from, with a length-to-diameter ratio of 20:1 (standard). Different types of screws are suitable for different injection molded products and can meet the diverse needs of customers.

Used plastic injection machine

Mold locking system:

1, The template and large column are designed using CAE analysis:

To optimize the design and ensure its rigidity and stability. Potential issues can be identified and resolved during the design phase, improving the quality and reliability of templates and columns.

2, Strong rigidity with minimal deformation:

The template and large column have good rigidity and stability. This rigidity and stability help maintain the accuracy and stability of the mold and reduce deformation and vibration during the injection molding process.

3, Adjustable low-pressure mold protection device

This protective device may have an adjustable pressure function to adjust according to specific situations, to maximize the protection of the mold.

Used injection machine

4, High protection accuracy can prevent foreign objects from damaging the mold:

The purpose of the protective device is to prevent foreign objects from entering the mold, thereby avoiding damage to the mold.

5, Mold fixing holes on the template

The mold positioning rings are made according to international standards (EUROMAP, JISSPI) to ensure the installation and positioning accuracy of the mold.

6, Using a slanted plate optical positioning ruler:

The injection molding machine is equipped with an optical positioning ruler for quick switching and template positioning. Helps to improve the operational efficiency and accuracy of injection molding machines, and reduces the labor intensity of operators.

Used plastic injection machine warehouse

injection machine Warehouse


Q: how long is the machine warranty?

A: our machine is guaranteed for one year.

Q: has your used plastic injection machine been redecorated?

A: our machines were repainted, vulnerable parts were replaced, the hydraulic system was cleaned, and the electrical control system was repaired.

Q: When will you have a machine?

A: our warehouse has about 200-300 used plastic injection machines every day.

Q: Can I go to your warehouse at any time to check the used plastic injection machines?

A: Yes, we always welcome friends from all over the world to visit our warehouse.

Q: Will you provide transportation service when you buy your machine?

A: Yes, we will transport the used plastic registration machines to the port designated by our customers.

Q: What is your packing?

A: we can provide any package according to the customer’s request.

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