• Aluminum tube bending machine for condensers and evaporators

Aluminum tube bending machine for condensers and evaporators

Place of production :china

Drive mode: Servo+ Pneumatic

Overall Dimension: 6000*1300* 1700mm

Weight: 2. 5T


Machine Overview

The aluminum tube bending machine is a production equipment for automotive evaporators. It straightens the microchannel aluminum tube of the coil, bends it into an S shape, and then cuts it

It is a fully automated production equipment, where engineers can freely set key parameters such as bending amount and pipe length. By changing the mold to bend flat pipes of various sizes, it can produce almost all types of automotive condensers and evaporators

The bending power of this device is driven by servo motors while clamping and cutting are driven by cylinders. The touch screen can store each product’s setting parameters, production statistics, and other functions

Aluminum tube bending machine data

1Flat tube sizeThickness: 1-3mm
Width: 12-32mm
2Max Bending Quantity60 Bends
3tube coil dimensioninter 300mm
outer 1200mm
4tube Processed1pc / time
5tube CuttingAutomatic
6Drive modeServo+ Pneumatic
7Lubricating WayAutomatic
8Production capacityAround 230 pcs
9Weight 2. 5T
tube bending machine

Characteristics of bending equipment

1, It is a fully automated production equipment that straightens the coil microchannel tube, bends it according to the set size, and then cuts it. This process is fully automated

2, All set production parameters can be stored for easy retrieval in the next use

3, The straightening and bending of the microchannel tube device are driven by servo motors,

4, This machine can produce condensers and evaporators of any size

Aluminum tube bending machine working video

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