• aluminum tube making machine of High-frequency welding

aluminum tube making machine of High-frequency welding

neme:Aluminum tube making machine

Customer customization:yes

Production speed (max.): 150m / min

Cutting frequency (max.): 200 pieces / min

Overall dimension: 30000 × 5000 × 3500 mm

Machine Overview

The high-frequency welding aluminum tube making machine is an automated equipment for producing automotive radiator pipes. The main process flow includes: uncoiling, forming, high-frequency welding, cooling, sizing, straightening, cutting, and other steps.

Among them, high-frequency welding is the core process of the equipment, which uses high-frequency induction heating to weld the aluminum foil material into a flat tube, forming a weld seam.

After the welding seam is formed, it is automatically cut according to the length requirements, ultimately producing various specifications of automotive radiator flat pipes.

This aluminum tube making machine adopts automated production, which can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

At the same time, due to the use of high-frequency induction heating welding, the quality of the weld seam is high and leakage is not easy to occur. In addition, the device also has advantages such as simple operation and high-speed production.

Therefore, the high-frequency welding aluminum pipe-making machine has been widely used in the production of automotive radiator pipes.

aluminum tube making machine main parameter

1Production speedmax. 120m/min
2Cooling modePLC + touchscreen
3Control systemPLC + touch screen
4Foil materials4343 / 3003/ 7072 
5Installed capacity168kva
6Overall size30*5*3.5 m
7Forming methodflat tube direct forming
flat tube welding
flat tube sizing
8Cutting frequencymax 200 pieces/min
9Gross weightabout 18 tons
car radiator cost
Roller aluminum tube machine

Production steps

Step 1: Aluminum foil feeding

The raw material unwinding device of the aluminum tube making machine smoothly delivers the aluminum foil to the forming position, which is a crucial step in the entire production process.

Step 2: Preliminary molding

After preliminary molding, the aluminum foil has become an olive shaped aluminum tube.

Step 3: High frequency welding

The aluminum tube is welded together on both sides by a high-frequency welding machine to form a closed aluminum tube.

Step 4: Cooling treatment

The welded aluminum pipes are cooled using a cooling device to ensure the strength and stability of the welded joints.

This step is also one of the important steps in the aluminum tube making machine.

Step 5: Forming aluminum tubes

Here are multiple sets of rollers that accurately shape the final dimensions of the flat tubes, ensuring the consistency of the aluminum tubes.

Step 6: Cutting

This is the final step of the aluminum tube manufacturing machine, cutting each tube according to the set length

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