• Manual crimping machine of aluminum radiator

Manual crimping machine of aluminum radiator

Place of production :china

Equi pment power supply 220V 50Hz

Compressed air 0.6 Mpa



Machine Overview

The Manual crimping machine are mainly used for producing metal products such as automotive radiators. Their main feature is that they are driven by cylinders and have fast production speed. This machine usually has two working modes that can be selected according to production needs.

In one mode, factory operators can operate machines independently for production. In another mode, two workers can operate the machine simultaneously to improve production efficiency. This model is suitable for factories that require mass production of aluminum radiators.

The operation of the manual crimping machine is simple, easy to learn and master. It can be adjusted according to production needs to adapt to the production of metal products such as radiators of different sizes and shapes.

In addition, these machines have lower production costs and are suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises or factories with low production volumes.

Manual crimping machine

Manual crimping machine advantage

1, Energy saving: Compared to other crimping machines, manual crimping machines have lower power consumption and can save energy costs.

2, No training required: Due to its simple operation, it does not require workers to have professional technical knowledge and training, reducing training costs and time.

3, No maintenance and upkeep required: The manual crimping machine has a simple structure, long service life, and does not require frequent maintenance and upkeep, reducing maintenance costs.

4, Very cost-effective: The manual crimping machine has a relatively low cost, fast production speed, and can meet the production needs of the factory, while also reducing production costs.

crimping machine quickly data

1Working dimensions800*1000
3ApplicationsTrucks radiator
car radiator
generator radiator
5Colorgrayish white
6Power supply220v
tall radiators
jeep radiator

Crimping Machine video


Q: How much electricity does this machine consume per hour?

A: This machine is very energy-efficient, consuming 24V of electricity per hour.

Q: How many people are needed to operate this machine?

A: It has two working modes, one worker and two workers can operate this machine.

Q: Can this machine produce radiators for engineering cars?

A: Its working size is 800 * 1000mm. If your radiator size is larger than this, you need to customize a larger machine.

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