• Used Brazing furnace for aluminum radiator and condenser

Used Brazing furnace for aluminum radiator and condenser

Place of production: china

Customer customization: yes

Tunnel size: 10000*1000*250mm

Fastest speed: 1800mm/min

Flux system: Yes


Used brazing furnace outline

This used brazing furnace equipment uses non corrosive flux (NOCOLOK flux) to weld aluminum parts under nitrogen atmosphere protection. The equipment was manufactured in 2017 and looks very good. It can independently upgrade the latest control system, and each part can operate normally

This used brazing furnace is a fully automatic brazing production line, which has automatic spraying of brazing flux, automatic drying, automatic brazing, automatic cooling, etc. Its fastest production speed is 80-120 radiator aluminum cores per hour

This brazing furnace can be applied to the following aluminum material products in the automotive industry:

  • Air cooler
  • Heat exchanger
  • Oil cooler
  • Intermediate cooler
  • Air conditioning heater
  • Tubular condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Parallel flow condenser
  • Stacked evaporator
  • Aluminum heat exchanger
  • Electric car battery cooling plate
Aluminum radiator core
This brazing furnace can produce these products

Main parameter

1Used brazing furnace
Total length
2Electric voltage350kw
3Tunnel width800mm
4Fastest speed1800mm/min
5Flux systemYes
6Manufacturing time2017
8Power supply380V / 50Hz
brazing furnace for sale
aluminum cores

Used brazing furnace operational principle

It is mainly used for brazing aluminum parts in nitrogen protected environments. A worker needs to place the aluminum parts on a mesh shaped chain, and the aluminum parts will automatically enter the area where the brazing flux is sprayed,

After completing the flux spraying, it automatically enters the drying area and then enters the brazing area. When the aluminum product is brazed, it will automatically enter the cooling area,

After the cooling is completed, a worker needs to move the product onto the tray, and the entire brazing process is completed here. This brazing process is fully automatic and does not require worker supervision during the process

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Q: What is the warranty period for this used device?

A: Its warranty period is 1 year, which is the same as the warranty period for the new machine.

Q: What technical support do you provide?

A: We provide machine installation and technical training.

Q: Can you modify the power supply of this machine?

A: We can manufacture a new control system that can adapt to the power supply in your country.

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