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Radiator making machine is a concept, usually a factory that produces aluminum radiators consists of multiple machines, each machine completing different production tasks, from raw materials to final product assembly and inspection, and finally producing complete radiators

With the continuous development of the automotive industry, the demand for the automotive aftermarket has also increased. Many people want to start manufacturing aluminum radiators. This article mainly discusses what machines are needed for a factory with the smallest unit of aluminum radiators

Radiator Making Machine List

clinch machine
radiator clinching machine

Machine outline This type of radiator clinching machine is mainly driven by servo motors, allowing engineers to customize programming work steps and achieve automatic obstacle…

radiator condenser core assembly machine
radiator core assembly machine

 Equipment outline The Radiator core assembly machine is a device used for assembling heat exchanger cores and heat dissipation belts in automotive radiators, condensers, intercoolers,…

intercooler core assembly machine
Intercooler core assembly machine

Equipment Overview The intercooler core assembly machine is a device used to produce intercoolers in trucks. Its main driving method is a servo motor, and…

radiator fin machine
Fin roller machine of radiator and condenser

Machine Outline The radiator fin roller machine, as the core equipment for processing condensers, radiators, and intercoolers, has a total power of 3.5kw, demonstrating strong…

No.Machine nameUnit
1brazing furnace1
2fin making machine1
3core assembly machine1
4Radiator crimping machine1
5Leakage testing machine1
6Plastic tank injection moldmany
7Plastic injection machine1
8stamping machine3
9stamping moldmany
10liquid nitrogen tank1

Radiator fin making machine

This machine is used to produce cooling fins, which are driven by electric motors and roller molds. Aluminum raw materials are rolled to form fins, which are then automatically cut according to the set length. This machine is essential in the production process of radiators

The roller mold of this radiator manufacture machine is independently designed, and customers can replace different molds according to different truck and car radiator sizes, in a low-cost way to improve economic efficiency

Radiator core assembly machine

This machine is an important equipment for producing car radiators. It is driven by a cylinder and is very energy-efficient during the production process. A skilled worker can produce 200 aluminum cores in 8 hours

The maximum working size of this radiator aluminum core assembly machine is 800 * 800mm, and it can produce almost all car radiators

If your factory needs to produce truck radiators, you can choose a machine with a working size of 1200 * 1200mm, which is driven by a servo motor

Radiator crimping machine

This machine assembles aluminum cores and plastic tanks together. It is driven by servo motors to drive screws, allowing four robotic arms to work together,

The control system allows engineers to set work steps arbitrarily, avoiding the irregular obstacles of plastic tanks and adapting to the radiators of different vehicle models

The working size of this radiator crimping machine is approximately 800 * 800mm, which can use 95% of car radiators. The working size of another machine is 1200 * 1200mm, which is used for producing radiators for trucks and engineering vehicles

Aluminum brazing furnace

The function of this brazing furnace is to weld multiple parts of the aluminum core together through high-temperature welding. It is a fully automatic production equipment protected by nitrogen gas,

We can customize this equipment according to the production capacity of your factory and the size of the aluminum core, which fully meets your production needs

Aluminum brazing is a crucial technology in the entire production process of aluminum radiators. We provide all technical training services to ensure the smooth progress of your project

Other radiator-making machines

Plastic tank injection mold

This is a mold that produces plastic tanks for radiators

plastic tank die

Plastic injection machine

This machine is used to produce plastic tanks with radiators

Used plastic injection

Leakage testing machinery

This machine is used to test for leaks in aluminum radiators

leak testing machine

Manual press machine

This machine is used for repairing radiators

Manual press machine
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