• Aluminum tube mill for car radiator

Aluminum tube mill for car radiator

processing materials: aluminum 4343/3003/7072

Control system: PLC

Installed capacity: 168kva;

Overall dimension: 3000*500*350cm

Control system language: English & Chinese

Machine Overview

The aluminum tube mill machine is an equipment for producing automotive radiator material pipes. It usually adopts advanced CNC technology and automated production processes and can produce 150 meters of aluminum tubes per minute, efficiently producing high-quality aluminum tube products.

Every large automotive aluminum radiator factory has this type of machine, and some factories have multiple such machines

aluminum tube mill Components

1) Feeding system: used to feed aluminum coils into the production machine.

2) Cutting system: used to cut the completed aluminum pipes according to the required length.

3) Forming system: The aluminum foil is curled into a 0-shaped tube, which is composed of multiple sets of roller molds, which have the characteristic of fast installation

4) Cooling system: used to cool the aluminum pipes after welding, ensuring the dimensional stability and surface quality of the product.

5) High-frequency welding system: The gaps in the curled aluminum tubes require high-frequency welding to ensure that the aluminum foil does not leak

aluminum tube mill technical parameter

1production speed80-150m/min
2cutting speed500 times/min
3Cutting length 100-6000mm
4external burr< 0.05mm
5Installed capacity3-phase 380V
6Compressed air0.5MPa, 0.3m3/min
7Working modefull automatic
tube make machine
tube mill

Our success stories

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Radiator aluminum tube mill working video


Q: What is the packaging of this machine?

A: This machine requires a 60-foot container, so it is packaged in plastic film.

Q: What is the delivery time for this machine?

A: Some rollers require high-precision production, and their delivery time is 120 days.

Q: How many sizes of pipes can this aluminum tube mill machine produce?

A: A set of roller molds intelligently produces one size, and the length of aluminum tubes can be any size.

Q: Can this machine produce the head tube of the car condenser?

A: You need another production line to manufacture tubes for car condensers

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