• radiator aluminum tube mill
  • radiator aluminum tube mill
  • radiator aluminum tube mill
  • radiator aluminum tube mill

radiator aluminum tube mill

Place of production :china

processing materials:aluminum 3003,3005,4343/3003/7072

Control system: PLC

Installed capacity: 168kva;

Overall dimension: 30000 × 5000 × 3500 mm

Control system language: English + Chinese

radiator aluminum tube mill machine

High frequency welded tube mill machine is a complete set of equipment which uses strip steel as raw material to produce round steel pipe or a row of steel pipes of various styles through a series of pipe making processes, such as uncoiling, forming, high frequency welding, solving weld bead, sizing, straightening and cutting. The strip steel is cold-formed into round billets by roll forming, and the welding seam is extruded to form round tubes by high-frequency induction heating. After sizing, the round tubes and square rectangular tubes of various styles and specifications are produced.

Application of high frequency welded pipe

Welded pipe, straight seam high frequency welded steel pipe, with the characteristics of relatively simple process, fast speed and continuous production, has many uses in civil construction, petrochemical, light industry and other departments. It is mainly used to transport low pressure fluid or make various types of engineering components and light industrial products.

technical parameter

1. Specification of cut aluminum pipe (maximum): long axis 32mm / minor axis 3mm / wall thickness 0.3mm;

2. Maximum cutting frequency: 500 times / min;

3. Maximum production line speed: 150 m / min;

4. Cutting length setting range: 200 ~ 6000mm;

5. Cutting length error: ≤± 0.3mm;

6. Cutting the external burr: < 0.05mm;

7. The cutting perpendicularity of pipe cutting end face: ≤ 0.5mm;

8. Working mode: Online sizing, relatively complete static, high-speed chip punching;

9. Machine structure: tracking trolley is driven by servo motor / flying knife is driven by servo motor;

10. Installed capacity: 3-phase 380V, 8kw;

11. Compressed air: 0.5MPa, 0.3m3/min;

12. The cutting length and quantity can be adjusted online, and 10 production material orders can be set at a time;

13. Working mode: full automatic production, automatic change of material list;

14. Control mode: automatic / manual / analog;

15. Color touch screen operation, real-time display of speed, length and quantity;

16. It can connect with any pipe making machine seamlessly and ensure normal use.

17. radiator aluminum tube mill

tube mill machine details

tube make machine

tube mill

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