• Portable Expander machine at a good price in China

Portable Expander machine at a good price in China

Drive Type: servo motor
Control: PLC and touchscreen
Touch screen size: 7 inches
Language: English
Maximum length: 5-20 meters
Operation method: Balance scale

Machine Overview

The Portable Expander machine usually uses servo motors as power sources, as servo motors can provide precise speed and position control, making them very suitable for expansion operations in the heat exchanger industry.

The machine driven by a servo motor adjusts the movement speed of the needle through multiple sets of gear speed-changing systems, ensuring a smooth and controllable expansion process.

This Portable Expander machine moves the needle forward and applies pressure to the material during operation, thereby achieving the expansion effect.

To ensure the durability and long-term stability of the expansion needle, it is usually made of tungsten steel material.

Tungsten steel has extremely high hardness and wear resistance, which can maintain its shape and size unchanged during repeated expansion operations, thereby extending the service life of the machine.

Portable pipe expander factory

Portable Expander machine data

1Drive type: servo motor
2Control: PLC
touch screen
3Touch screen size: 7 inches
4Language: English
5Tube diameter5-20mm
6Maximum length: 5-20 meters
7Tube quantity: 2-12 pcs optional
8Tube spacing:can be changed
9Operation method: Balance scale
Portable Expander machine
Portable Expander machine

Portable Expander machine advantage

1, Accurate control:

Servo motor drive provides high-precision speed and position control

2, Strong durability:

The expansion needle is made of tungsten steel material, which has high hardness and wear resistance and can be used for a long time without easy wear.

3, Easy to operate:

This Portable Expander machine is equipped with a balance scale, making it less tiring for workers to operate the machine

4, Low maintenance cost:

Due to the simple structural design of the machine, there is almost no need for maintenance costs

5, Wide applicability:

capable of handling expansion operations with different materials and complex shapes, with high versatility.

Portable Expander machine working video


Q: Can this machine expand stainless steel pipes?

A: It can expand soft stainless steel pipes, contact us for more details on the machine.

Q: Can this machine expand 8 pipes at once?

A: Yes, we can customize this machine to expand 8 pipes at once.

Q: Can the touch screen be set to languages other than English?

A: We can set the language you want, such as Russian, French, Spanish, etc.

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