• fin tube rolling machine

fin tube rolling machine

Inner tube material: Any metal
Outer tube material: copper and aluminum
Fin pitch: 2-10mm
Maximum length: 20 meters
Motor power: 11kw
Equipment weight: 1.46 tons

Machine Overview

The fin tube rolling machine adopts a design of three sets of symmetrically arranged rollers, which are driven by a single motor to extrude the aluminum tubes

During the extrusion process, the aluminum tube is placed between the rollers, and as the rollers rotate and compress, the aluminum tube gradually deforms and forms a threaded fin tube.

This design enables the machine to efficiently complete the production of fin tubes while maintaining ease of operation and continuity of production.

By precisely controlling the speed and pressure of the rollers, it is possible to ensure that the size and shape of the fin tube meet the predetermined standards. And for good consistency.

fin tube

Fin tube rolling machine data

1Inner tube materialAny metal
2Outer tube materialcopper
3Fin thickness0.1-0.8mm
4Fin pitch2-10mm
5Fin shapethreaded
6Maximum length20 meters
7Maximum diameter76mm
8Production speed140 rpm/min
9Motor power11kw
10Equipment weight1.46 tons
11Packaging size224*85*155cm
tube fin rolling machine
tube fin rolling machine

Fin tube rolling machine advantage

1, Simple control system:

makes it easy for operators to understand and control various functions of the machine, reducing operational complexity and training costs.

2, Automatic cooling circulation system:

ensures effective temperature control of aluminum tubes during extrusion, prevents product quality from being affected by overheating, and improves production efficiency.

3, Three sets of roller design:

The symmetrical arrangement and smooth movement of the rollers ensure the uniformity and stability of the aluminum tube extrusion process, reducing the possibility of product deformation and defects.

4, Flexible design of replaceable molds:

Users can quickly replace molds according to different production needs, increasing the applicability of the machine and the diversity of production.

fin tube rolling machine working video


Q: What brand is the motor of this machine?

A: It is a famous brand from China, and if not artificially damaged, it can be used for a long time.

Q: Is this machine packaged in wooden boxes?

A: Yes, it is packaged in wooden crates, which have undergone high-temperature fumigation and comply with international logistics standards.

Q: What type of coolant is used for this machine?

A: Just use regular coolant.

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