• HVAC fin die manufacturer in China

HVAC fin die manufacturer in China

Mold appearance: default to yellow

Production type: continuous production

Delivery time: 48 days

Packaging type: wooden box

Hole types: round, elliptical, waist round

Collar height: adjustable

Fin Mold Overview

The HVAC fin die is a specialized tool used for producing metal fins used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

These molds are processed by high-precision CNC machine tools, ensuring the precise size and shape of the fins.

In the design of key components of molds, SKD11 steel is usually chosen because it has excellent high strength and wear resistance, and can withstand long-term production operations without being easily damaged.

Characteristics of HVAC fin die

1, Continuous production:

The mold is designed for automatic continuous operation, which improves production efficiency and enables rapid and large-scale production of fins.

2, Adjustable collar height:

The mold allows for adjusting the collar height of the fins, which can adapt to different heat exchange efficiency requirements and be customized according to different application scenarios and design standards.

3, Longitudinal cutter:

Each row of fins is equipped with a longitudinal cutter at the hole position, which can be freely opened or closed to control the width of the fins and adapt to different design specifications.

4, Accurate control:

The HVAC fin die can precisely control the size and shape of the fins, ensuring that each product meets strict engineering standards and quality requirements.

5, Material saving:

The mold design optimizes the use of materials, reduces waste, and improves material utilization.

6, Easy to maintain:

The design of the mold structure considers the convenience of daily maintenance, making it easy to clean and maintain to maintain production efficiency and product quality.

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HVAC fin die data

1Hole diameter5-30mm
2Mold appearancedefault to yellow
3Production typecontinuous production
4Accept customizationYes
5External dimensionsCustomized
6Delivery time48 days
7Fin typeWave, slotted,
8Packaging typewooden box
9Hole typesround
waist round
10Collar heightadjustable
HVAC fin die
HVAC fin die

HVAC fin die manufacturer factory video


Q: Can this mold produce fins made of copper material?

A: Of course, it can produce copper materials.

Q: What is the warranty period for your fin mold?

A: The warranty period for the mold is one year or 100 million presses.

Q: What stamping machine is needed to use this HVAC fin die?

A: We can design this fin mold based on your existing stamping machine.

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