• Tube Fin Machine Supplier in China

Tube Fin Machine Supplier in China

Inner tube material: Any metal

Fin material: copper and aluminum

Roller mold: replaceable

Fin pitch: 1.5-8mm

Power supply: 380v

Blade cooling: Automatic

Machine Overview

The rolling-type tube fin machine uses three sets of rollers to roll and form fins on the surface of the metal tube.

This type of machine typically uses three sets of rotating rollers that apply pressure along the outer diameter of the tube to roll the fins without penetrating the material.

The rolling fin machine is suitable for producing various heat exchangers, such as automotive radiators, air conditioning systems, heat exchange units, and other industrial applications.

Tube Fin Machine Key Advantages


By changing different roller molds, the shape and size of the fins can be easily changed to meet different design and application requirements.

High precision:

The rolling process can produce highly uniform and precise fins, as the formation of fins is achieved through precisely controlled rollers.

Material strength:

Compared with traditional cutting processes, Tube Fin Machine rolling does not weaken the wall thickness of the pipe, thus maintaining a higher material strength.

Efficient production:

Rolling machines are usually designed for high-speed operation,And equipped with an automatic cooling device, it is very suitable for large-scale production

Tube Fin machine data

Finning Tube Machine Manufacturer
1Fin materialcopper and aluminum
2Roller moldreplaceable
3Inner tube materialAny metal
4Fin pitchaccording to design
5Power supply380v
7Blade coolingautomatic
8Machine colorGreen
9Delivery time26 days
fin tube

Why choose our machine

1, We offer the fastest delivery time, which only takes 25 days, so you can push your products to the market faster and meet urgent project deadlines.

2, The structural design of the tube fin machine is continuously improved and the control system is optimized. The machine can easily control the entire production process with only two buttons

3, Low-cost roller molds can produce various sizes of fin tubes, which means you can flexibly adjust production according to different application needs without investing heavily in mold replacement.

4, An intelligent roller cooling device is crucial for high-speed production, preventing the roller blades of the tube fin machine from overheating and maintaining production efficiency and product quality.

5, Highly competitive prices mean you can get high-quality and high-performance equipment within your budget, thereby optimizing your overall investment return.

Through the above points, we can provide you with efficient, cost-effective, and timely delivery of high-quality services, which are powerful reasons for choosing us as your partner.

Tube Fin machine working video

Fin press line of heat exchanger
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