• extruded fin tube machine

extruded fin tube machine

Circulating cooling: Yes Maximum length: 20 meters Tube diameter: 14-70mm Fin material: aluminum and copper Inner tube material: Any material Inner tube thickness: any diameter


Machine Overview

The extruded fin tube machine is produced using a roller extrusion method, which is an efficient metal-forming process.

This machine is usually designed with three symmetrically arranged rollers that can rotate at a constant speed to continuously squeeze the pipes.

During the extrusion process, the tube is clamped between three rollers. As the rollers rotate, the tube undergoes plastic deformation under the pressure of the rollers, forming fins with specific shapes and sizes.

The roller extrusion process can produce fin tubes with high precision and good surface smoothness, which are widely used in fields such as heat exchangers, radiators, and cooling systems.

The extrusion fin tube machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system to ensure continuous production and cooling of the roller blades during the production process. Fin tube products that meet specific requirements can be produced.

Extruded fin tube machine data

1Circulating coolingyes
2Emergency stopyes
3Maximum length20 meters
4Power supply380v
5Voltage 50Hz
6Tube diameter14-70mm
7Fin materialaluminum and copper
8Inner tube materialAny material
9Inner tube thicknessany diameter
Extruded fin tube machine
aluminum tube

Extruded fin tube machine advantage

1, The overall design simplifies the installation process, allowing users to simply place the machine in a suitable position and start working without the need for complex installation steps.

2, The control system design is simple and intuitive, allowing operators to quickly master operating methods without the need for long-term professional training, which reduces the training cost of human resources.

3, The price of the Extruded fin tube machine has high competitiveness, which makes the capital expenditure of users lower in the early stages of investment, helping to improve the return on investment.

4, A set of roller molds can adapt to the production of fins with different diameters, increasing the versatility and applicability of the machine, and improving the flexibility of production.

5, The built-in cooling system ensures stable working temperature during long-term operation by circulating cooling, improving the durability and production efficiency of the machine.

Extruded fin tube machine working video


Q: What is the coolant for this machine?

A: Just use regular lubricating oil be ok.

Q: What is the voltage of the motor of this machine?

A: The voltage of the motor is 11kw.

Q: Can the appearance color of the machine be made gray?

A: We accept customized machine appearance colors.

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