• Heat exchanger fin machine

Heat exchanger fin machine

Stamping force: 45 tons
Type: C B H Type optional
Fastest speed: 280 beats per minute
Production type: Automatic
Mold size: customized
Control type: PLC

Machine Overview

Heat exchanger fin machine, also known as heat exchanger fin high-speed press, is a specialized equipment used for producing fins in heat exchangers.

This machine processes metal materials (usually aluminum or copper) into the desired shape through high-speed pressing and then bends these foils into specifically shaped fins to increase the surface area of the heat exchanger and improve its heat transfer efficiency.

Components of heat exchanger fin machine

1, Raw material uncoiler:

This is the starting point of the production line, used to unfold large coils of metal materials (such as aluminum strips) into the required width and tension strip material for subsequent processing.

2, Automatic lubrication oil tank:

During the metal stamping process, the lubrication oil tank provides the necessary lubricating oil to reduce friction between the mold and metal materials, improve stamping quality, and extend the life of the mold.

3, Stamping machine:

This is the core part of the heat exchanger fin machine, used to press lubricated metal materials into fins with specific shapes and sizes under the action of molds.

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4, Fin mold:

The mold is an important component of stamping machines, and its design directly determines the shape, size, and accuracy of the fins. Molds are usually made of high-strength materials to withstand the high pressure during the stamping process.

5, Fin vacuum collection device:

Stamped fins usually need to be quickly and neatly collected. And place it in the designated position to avoid damaging the finished product or causing confusion.

This heat exchanger fin production line, through automation control, can continuously produce a large number of standardized and high-quality heat exchanger fins, which are widely used in the manufacturing of various heat exchangers.

Heat exchanger fin machine Data

1Stamping force: 45 tons
63 tons
2machine Type: C, B, H, Type
3Fastest speed: 280 beats per minute
4Production type: automatic
5Mold size: customized
6Control type: PLC
7Touch screen: Yes
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Fin-making machine working video

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