Fin tube making machine

Machine Overview

There are many types of fin tube making machines, which are applied in different fields. This article covers almost all types of fin tube production equipment in the current industrial field

Whether you are looking for low-finned tube machines or bimetallic finned tube machines, we can provide you with a one-stop solution to meet your needs here

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Fin tube machine working video

technical parameter

1Workbench height720mm
2Output speed120 rpm
3Min tube diameter± 15mm
4Fin outer diameter18-70mm
5Shaft diameter45mm
6Fin pitch0-8.00mm optional
7Tube length0-15000mm
8Main motor power11KW
9Coolingliquid cooling
10Machine weight1500kg
11External dimensions220*76*145cm
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extruded finning Machine
tube fin machine

How to choose the appropriate machine

Choosing the right machine is crucial for producing fin tubes, and selecting the right fin tube machine requires considering the following key factors:

1, Material of fins

Producing different fin materials, fin tube equipments have some differences, such as producing copper fin tubes, which require high-power motor drive

2, The production process of fins

At present, there are different production processes for fin tubes applied in the industrial field, including aluminum foil winding type, aluminum tube extrusion type, and single metal rolling type. It is necessary to choose the correct production process

3, Accuracy of the machine:

The production of finned tubes requires high precision, so it is necessary to choose a fin tube-making machine that can ensure high-precision processing to ensure product quality.

4, Speed and efficiency:

Consider the processing speed and overall production efficiency of the machine to ensure cost-effectiveness.

5, Price and budget:

Considering the cost-effectiveness of the machine while meeting technical requirements, select a model that meets the budget.

6, Technical support and services from suppliers:

Choose suppliers who can provide good technical support and after-sales service, so that they can receive timely help and guidance when encountering problems during use.

7, Safety performance:

Ensure that the machine complies with the safety regulations of laws and regulations to ensure the safety of operators. This is also a crucial element

fin tube
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