• HVAC fin machine for Industrial heat exchanger

HVAC fin machine for Industrial heat exchanger

Collecting Height of Material: 600mm
Inner Diameter of Material Rolling: Φ75mm
Outer Diameter of Material Rolling: 850mm
Main Motor Power: 5.5kw
Overall Dimensions: 6500×2500×2330mm

Machine Overview

HVAC fin machine are equipment specifically designed for manufacturing heat exchanger fins in air conditioning and heating systems.

These machines typically can produce large quantities of fins in a short period through high-speed continuous pressing.

HVAC fin machines are widely used in the manufacturing of various types of heat exchangers, such as automotive radiators, air conditioning radiators, heat exchangers, etc,

Its efficient production capacity is crucial for meeting the modern industrial demand for high-efficiency heat exchangers.

HVAC fin machine characteristics

1, Automatic feeding of uncoiler:

The machine can automatically feed aluminum foil material from the reel without manual intervention.

2, Automatic lubrication of aluminum foil in the oil tank:

The machine is equipped with a dedicated oil tank to lubricate the aluminum foil, reduce mold wear, and improve the quality of material forming in the mold.

3, Fully automatic continuous production:

The machine can continuously produce fins, from aluminum foil supply to the final forming of fins, the entire process is completed automatically.

4, Intelligent control system:

The HVAC fin machine is equipped with multiple sensors, and any non-standard operation will issue a warning

5, Fully automatic lubrication system:

To ensure that the fin machine can maintain long-term high-speed production, it is equipped with a fully automatic lubrication system, and each slider and bearing has automatic lubrication capability

HVAC fin machine data

Technical parametersUNITCH21-45CH21-60
nominal force of the sliderKN450600
Nominal force strokemm44
Closed heightmm270300
Closed height regulationmm6070
Pillar distancemm515560
Slider bottom dimensioncm41*3448*40
Hole size of die shankmm50*6050*70
Table sizecm82*4493*52
Diameter of blanking holecm1515
Worktable thicknesscm1113
overall dimensioncm158*107*239154*120*257
Anchor bolt distancecm107*76110*84
Motor powerKW5.55.5
HVAC fin machine
HVAC fin machine

Application of fin machines

  • Φ9.52 -25.0*21.65-12R
  • Φ12.7 -31.75*27.5-12R
  • Φ15.88 -38.1*33-6R
  • Φ9.52 -25.0*21.65-12R
  • Φ9.52 -30*30-12R
  • Φ16 -50*50-6R
  • Φ7 -18.5*12-25R

HVAC fin machine working video


Q: What type of fins can this device produce?

A: We can customize the fin mold according to your design.

Q: What is the lubricating oil for this fin machine?

A: The lubricating oil for the mold is a volatile type of stamping oil, The lubricating oil for the machine is 38#.

Q: What is the delivery time for this fin machine?

A: The delivery time for this machine is 65 days.

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