• Condenser Fin Machine Supplier From China

Condenser Fin Machine Supplier From China

Fin material: aluminum copper

Fin height: 3.5-12mm optional

Fastest speed: 120 meters/minute

Interactive languages: Chinese and English

Aluminum foil thickness: 0.05-0.15mm

Fin length: Any length

Machine Overview

The condenser fin machine adopts a roller production method, which can produce the louver shaped fins required for microchannel condensers with extremely high efficiency.

This machine can produce up to 120 meters of fins per minute, demonstrating significant advantages in production efficiency.

Due to its excellent performance and reliable quality, this machine has gained widespread market recognition.

This machine is equipped with advanced control systems that can accurately control various parameters in the production process, ensuring the dimensional accuracy and shape consistency of the fins.

In addition, the roller mold of this machine can be customized with multiple width sizes, and this combination type of mold can produce more different types of condensers, saving a lot of money for the factory’s later investment

Condenser fin machine data

1Fin materialaluminum copper
2Fin typeLouver, straight
3Fin height3.5-12mm
4Roller moldmultiple sizes
5Fastest speed120 m/min
6Appearanceoptional colors
7Interactive languagesChinese and English
8Aluminum foil thickness0.05-0.15mm
9Fin lengthAny length
10Aluminum material3003
condenser fin machine
condenser fin machine ROLLER

Components of condenser fin machine

1, Raw material unwinding device:

Responsible for unfolding the metal materials in the coil and preparing for subsequent processing.

2, Aluminum foil conveying device:

It smoothly and quickly transports the uncoiled metal material to the forming area, ensuring a continuous supply of materials during the processing

3, Louver Forming Device:

The aluminum foil is processed into louver-shaped fins through specific roller molds. This step is the core link in the production process of condenser fins.

4, Fin forming device:

Further, process the louver-shaped fins to achieve the desired fin shape and size to meet specific heat exchange requirements.

5, Automatic cutting device:

According to the preset length size and quantity, the formed fins are automatically cut into independent units to prepare for assembly.

6, Control System:

The brain of the condenser fin machine is responsible for coordinating the actions of various components to ensure precise control of the production process.

Control systems typically include PLC programming controllers, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and various sensors used to monitor various parameters in the production process.

7, Lubrication System:

Provides necessary lubrication for the moving parts of the machine, reduces wear, extends machine life, and ensures smooth production processes.

These components work together to form a complete automated production line that can efficiently, continuously, and stably produce high-quality condenser fins to meet the production needs of microchannel condensers.

Condenser fin machine working video


Q: Can this machine produce fins made of stainless steel material?

A: Its thickness should not exceed 0.05mm and should be able to produce.

Q: What material is the fin of the microchannel condenser?

A: Usually, its aluminum material is 4343/3003/4343.

Q: What type of lubricating oil is used for this machine?

A: It is a transparent volatile oil.

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