• Flat Fin Machine Suppliers from China

Flat Fin Machine Suppliers from China

Fin shape: Wave, serrated, straight,

Fin spacing: 1-10mm

Fin height: 1-12mm

Material thickness: 0.06-0.5mm

Fin materials: iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium


Machine Overview

The flat fin machine is an efficient heat exchanger production equipment that adopts a four-axis design. It converts electrical energy into kinetic energy through a motor-driven cam, thereby achieving the movement of the up and down pistons.

This design enables the fin machine to provide stable and powerful power, enabling high-speed production

This flat Fin machine is composed of an aluminum foil feeder, a four-axis continuous pressing machine, an automatic lubrication device, and a servo motor-driven cutting machine, with a fully automatic unmanned production capacity.

radiator fin machine

The advantages of flat fin machine

1, Compact structure:

The design structure of the fin machine is relatively compact, with a relatively small footprint.

2, High production efficiency:

It has a high operating efficiency, with a maximum speed of 144 consecutive presses per minute.

3, Low noise:

Compared to other types of fin machines, this machine has lower operating noise.

4, Easy maintenance:

The flat fin machine is already equipped with an automatic lubrication system, which does not require frequent maintenance and repair.

5, Flexible mold replacement:

It can replace molds at a low cost and produce fins of various shapes

6, Intelligent control system,

with a 7-inch touch screen that allows users to preset production volume. After meeting production requirements, the machine will automatically stop

Flat Fin Machine data

1Fin spacing1-10mm
2Fin shapeWave
3Fin height1-12mm
4Material thickness0.06-0.5mm
5Production speed144 times/min
6Fin lengthfreely controlled
7Fin materialsiron, copper
stainless steel
Flat Fin Machine
Flat Fin Machine

Machine Cut-off device

The cutting device of this flat fin machine is driven by a servo motor, allowing users to easily control the length of the fins through a touch screen,

The rotation of servo motors can accurately control the length of each fin, ensuring its height consistency,

Users can preset the output of fins to operate the machine, with unmanned production. When the production of the machine meets the set requirements, it will automatically stop and issue an alarm
This intelligent control method can meet the production needs of large companies

Flat Fin Machine working video

Fin mill machine of aluminum and copper
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