• fin tube winding machine

fin tube winding machine

Inner pipe diameter: 9.52-45mm
Fin height: 9-22mm
Fin type: L-type
Fin material: aluminum, copper, iron
Fin thickness: 0.1-0.8mm
Tube material: Any material
Maximum length: 6 meters

Machine Overview

The fin tube winding machine is a device used for manufacturing heat exchanger fins, which uses a 5.5 kW motor as the main power source.

The motor drives the inner tube to rotate through the transmission system, which can wrap the aluminum fin material around the outer side of the tube, forming a fin tube.

This design is simple and practical, and can efficiently produce fin tubes for various heat exchangers.

Fin tube winding machine feature

1, High efficiency:

This type of machine is usually equipped with a high-power motor, which can quickly complete the winding work of aluminum fins

2, High precision:

Through precise driving and control systems, the uniformity and accuracy of aluminum fin winding can be ensured, improving product quality.

3, Easy to operate:

Most finned tube winding machines are designed to be very user-friendly and easy to operate. Novice workers only need simple training to easily start working

4, Strong adaptability:

able to adapt to different specifications and types of fin tube production, with strong versatility and flexibility.

5, High degree of automation:

The fin tube winding machine has a very scientific structural design, which can achieve automated production

6, Easy maintenance:

The structural design is reasonable, easy to maintain and upkeep, and reduces the cost of equipment use.

Fin tube winding machine data

1Inner pipe diameter9.52-45mm
2Fin height9-22mm
3Fin typeL-type
4Fin materialaluminum
5Fin thickness0.1-0.8mm
6Tube materialAny material
7Maximum length6 meters
tube fin
fin tube winding machine

application of this device

The finned tube winding machine is mainly used to manufacture the finned tube part of heat exchangers. They are used to transfer heat for cooling or heating purposes. The fins produced by this machine can improve the heat exchange efficiency of heat exchangers and are widely used in the following fields:

1, Air conditioning and refrigeration: Used for manufacturing heat exchangers in air conditioning, coolers, and other refrigeration equipment.

2, HVAC: Used as a heat exchanger in the production of heating and ventilation systems.

3, Industrial applications: Used in the manufacturing of efficient heat exchangers in chemical, power, and other industrial applications.

4, Refrigeration equipment: Refrigeration equipment, such as cold storage, refrigerated trucks, etc., requires the use of a large number of finned tube heat exchangers to improve refrigeration efficiency.

fin tube winding machine
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