• tube cutting machine of car condensers

tube cutting machine of car condensers

tube width: 12-32mm

tube thickness: 1-5mm

workstation: 2-4

Drive mode: Servo/Pneumatic

Overall dimension: 4500*850*1700mm

Weight: 3.5T

Main introduction

This tube cutting machine can efficiently straighten the intercooler and condenser harmonica tubes, and both workstations can work simultaneously, improving production efficiency.

It is driven by a servo device, which is easy to operate, quiet to work, and energy-saving. We can customize a specialized mold based on the specifications of the harmonica tube you provide, and cut and reduce the incision of the tube by automatically setting the machine size.

Straightening device

The tube cutting machine adopts roller straightening technology, which uses multiple sets of rollers to straighten aluminum pipes. It can simultaneously straighten the upper, lower, left and right sides of the workpiece, and has a strong straightening ability.

This multifunctional straightening roller is usually composed of multiple rollers, each of which can be individually adjusted to accommodate workpieces of different shapes and sizes.

The straightening device of this machine has two workstations, which greatly improves production efficiency due to the use of multiple sets of rollers.

In addition, the aluminum pipe-cutting machine can also customize different specifications of straightening rollers according to different size requirements to meet different straightening needs.

tube cutting machine technical data

1tube width12-32mm
2tube thickness1-5mm
3workstation2-4 optional
5production speed300m/min
6drive moldservo + pneumatic
tube cutting machine

tube cutting machine application

  • Automotive Condensers
  • Automobile evaporator
  • Home air conditioning condenser
  • Truck intercooler
  • Industrial microchannel aluminum tube
  • Other fields


Q: What is the delivery time for this machine?

A: The fastest delivery time is 45 days, Customized equipment requires more time.

Q: Do you have any requirements for aluminum tube holes in microchannels?

A: Microchannel aluminum tubes with arbitrary holes.

Q: What language is a touch screen?

A: It has two languages, Chinese and English.

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