• Intercooler core assembly machine

Intercooler core assembly machine

Place of production: china

Artifacts core high: 320mm-920mm

Artifacts core width: 800mm

power supply: 220V 50Hz

Compressed air: 0.4Mpa



Equipment Overview

The intercooler core assembly machine is a device used to produce intercoolers in trucks. Its main driving method is a servo motor, and the cylinder serves as an auxiliary drive

This machine adopts a multi-scale application design, which means it can produce various sizes of truck intercoolers. This design is very friendly for intercooler factories producing aftermarket intercoolers

The characteristics of the machine

  • Simple structure:

The design of a machine does not have complex components, which means it is easy to assemble, use, and maintain, while potentially reducing manufacturing costs.

  • No noise:

Almost no noise is generated during operation, providing a more comfortable working environment for operators

  • Energy saving:

The intercooler core assembly machine uses a servo motor drive to consume less electrical energy, which helps to reduce operating costs

  • Adopting a human-machine interface:

The machine is equipped with a user-friendly operating interface, and changing different intercooler models only requires changing parameters through the touchscreen

aluminum radiator core

Intercooler core assembly machine data

1Power supply: 380v
2Touch screen: 10.1-inch
3Max Core width:800mm
4Max Core length:1000mm
5Tube type:Microchannel
6Machine color:Any color
7Drive type: servo motor
intercooler core assembly machine
intercooler core assembly machine

Intercooler core assembly machine working video

Why choose us

  1. A strong after-sales team,

Our engineers have an average of 15 years of work experience and can provide any aluminum brazing or other technical services for your factory

  1. Highly competitive prices

Our machinery is industry-leading and has an excellent cost-performance ratio. In the automotive and truck aluminum intercooler industry, our advantages are undeniable

  1. Transportation services

We serve our global customers, and no matter which country you are in, our intercooler core assembly machines can be delivered to your factory

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