• Air tightness testing machine for condenser radiator
  • Air tightness testing machine for condenser radiator

Air tightness testing machine for condenser radiator

Place of production :china

Upper and lower limits of leakage: ± 999pa

Pilot pressure source: 400 ~ 600kpa

Parameter channel number: 32 groups (0 ~ 31)

Time setting: 0 ~ 999 seconds

Hardware: 32bitcpu

Power supply: AC220 V ± 5%, 50 Hz


leakge test machine outline

This radiator testing machine is used to check the air tightness of various parts and finished products.

Compared with the original model, the instrument has enhanced the functions of extended output port, quality management and communication, added multi-channel parameter setting and selection, large capacity recording and storage, data transmission of U disk, etc., at the same time, it improves the differential pressure resolution and the convenience of operation, and can realize the automatic test of all test objects under different conditions.

Our radiator testing machine success stories

radiator testing machine

machine name: radiator leak testing machine

Large screen LCD display, clear and easy to understand operation interface;

Differential pressure resolution (1pa), high precision;

Multi channel parameter (32 groups ), it is easy to select and set parameter channels;

The test results can be PA, ml / min;

It has manual test mode, automatic test mode and remote control mode

It has serial port RS232 level output;

It adopts 32-bit arm-cpu

Driveable external printer (optional)

USB data output, can directly write the test data to the U disk (optional);

Remote control contacts are rich, can be connected to PLC, can also directly drive external equipment

The output terminal can be adjusted manually to make the external control more flexible;

It can save the latest 100000 groups of test data, and query the test results by date, job number and so on;

It has rich functions of data statistics and analysis;

aluminum radiator tools

radiator testing machine tool

This testing machine can work for these products

aluminum radiator

Used aluminum brazing furnace nitrogen protection
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