• Intelligent Salt spray testing machine
  • Intelligent Salt spray testing machine
  • Intelligent Salt spray testing machine

Intelligent Salt spray testing machine

Medium: mixture of water and glycol

Temperature: high +130 ℃ low - 40 ℃

High temperature heating rate: 1 ~ 2.5 ℃ / min

Low temperature cooling rate: 1 ~ 1.9 ℃ / min

Flow rate display accuracy: 0.1l/min

Circulation pressure: 50 ~ 500kPa

Pressure accuracy: ± 0.25%

Cycle: 10 ~ 100000 times

Machine Outline

The intelligent salt spray testing machine is a commonly used instrument for testing the surface corrosion resistance of materials, which can simulate the corrosion situation of materials in marine environments and evaluate their corrosion resistance performance.

The intelligent salt spray testing machine can simulate various environmental conditions such as salt spray, drying, wetting, and high temperature, and can test different types of materials, including coatings, metals, plastics, electronic components, etc.

During the test, the material to be tested is placed in the test room, and the saline solution is sprayed through the spray system to form a salt spray environment. The corrosion resistance of the material is evaluated by observing the corrosion of the material surface.

In addition to surface treatments such as coatings and electroplating, the intelligent salt spray test is also applicable to the testing of organic and inorganic thin films, anodizing, and rust proof oil.

Through these tests, the durability and reliability of materials can be evaluated, providing important references for product design and production.

salt spray testing machine

Salt spray testing machine technical data

1pressure air barrel47℃ ± 1℃.
2Test chamber35℃ ± 1℃
3Pressure air barrel63℃ ± 1℃
4Brine spray testNSS
5Corrosion resistance testCASS
6Temperature50℃ ± 1℃
condenser aluminum tube
radiator HP mold

Salt spray testing machine parts

The spray system on the salt spray test machine is an important part of the salt spray environment. It usually consists of the following parts:

1, Heater:

The heater is used to heat water to a certain temperature. Heaters typically use electric or steam heaters to ensure stable water temperature.

2, Saltwater storage tank:

salt water storage tank is used to store salt water for spray devices. Salt water is usually made from a solution of sodium chloride, with a concentration typically between 5% and 20%.

3, Control system:

the control system is used to control the operation of the spray device. It usually includes the monitoring and adjustment of temperature, humidity, spray volume, and other parameters.

4, spray device:

The spray device is one of the most important parts of the salt spray testing machine. It simulates the salt spray environment by generating tiny water droplets.

The spray heats the water to boil to produce tiny water drops. The nozzle and spray tube are used to spray the water drops onto the test sample.

salt spray testing machine
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