• Vibration testing machine of aluminum radiator
  • Vibration testing machine of aluminum radiator

Vibration testing machine of aluminum radiator

Customization: Yes

Vibration frequency: 50 Hz, fixed frequency

Vibration amplitude 0-5mm

Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz

Display direction led microcomputer type

Machine Overview

The vibration testing machine is usually a device used to simulate the vibration environment during vehicle operation and test the seismic performance of various automotive components and components.

During the testing process, the vibration test machine simulates various vibrations and impacts generated during vehicle operation to test the shock resistance performance of the radiator.

This Vibration testing machine can adjust parameters such as frequency, amplitude, and acceleration of vibration to simulate different road conditions and driving conditions,

thereby evaluating the seismic performance of the radiator under different conditions.

By conducting vibration tests on the radiator, its shock resistance performance during actual road driving can be evaluated,

providing more accurate product design and improvement suggestions for automobile manufacturers to improve the safety and reliability of product design

Vibration testing machine characteristic

1, The vibration test machine has precise design and manufacturing, making it very quiet during operation and suitable for various vibration tests.

2, The base of the vibration testing device simulated by the radiator car is made of heavy-duty steel and equipped with damping rubber pads and foundation screws to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.

3, The device is equipped with a frequency controller, digital display of frequency, and P ID adjustment function to ensure stable operation.

4, The sweep frequency and fixed frequency generator set modes can meet the vibration testing requirements of different industries.

5, The device has added circuits to solve the interference problem of strong electromagnetic fields on the controller.

6, The device also adds a working time setter function to ensure that the test product can accurately achieve the required testing time.

radiator vibration testing machine

Vibration testing machine Technical parameters:

1Vibration type Motor cam
2Time setting1 second – 99 hours
3Power supply220 V, 50 Hz
4Maximum load40kg
5Time display99H: 99m: 99S
6Vibration frequency50 Hz, fixed frequency
7Vibration amplitude0-5mm
8Working sizeL800mm
9Overall size100*80*55CM

vibration testing machine factory

vibration testing machine
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