• Radiator plastic tank mold

Radiator plastic tank mold

Place of production :china

Technology docking:solidwoks CAD

Hole size: Custom

Packing: wooden case

name: Radiator plastic tank mold

Customized plastic injection mold in China, specialized in automotive radiator plastic tank, 19 years of work

Place of Origin: China, Zhejiang,China
Brand Name: changheng
Model Number:OEM
Shaping Mode:Plastic Injection Mould
Product Material:Plastic
Product:Brush mould
Color:as your request
Product Type:plastic brush injection mould/brush case plastic molding making
Product Name:Injection Plastic Household Mould
Surface treatment:Mirror Polish
Plastic material:ABS/PP/PS/PE/PVC/PA6/PA66
Size:Standard Customize

Our mould manufacturing engineer

radiator Plastic tank factory

1. Have experience for paper dispenser mould

2. Free 3 d Drawing service from plastic to plastic injection moulding tool design

3. 2 special after sales team to help you solve any problem for plastic injection mold tooling and parts.

4. We are ready to sign a contract with you in case you need to ensure our quality OR delivery date of our plastic moulding tooling and plastic parts.

Our mould making machines

radiator Plastic tank factory

5. Time is gold for you and for us, We have professional plastic injection mold tooling designer and plastic part producing line.

6. Plastic Injection Mould OEM & ODM Services

7. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certified for all of our plastic injection tooling and plastic mould part, injection mould and our factory

Our mould samples

radiator Plastic tank mold

Our areas of expertise radiator tank mold

radiator Plastic tank

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