• radiator plastic tank mold manufacture in china

radiator plastic tank mold manufacture in china

Place of production: china

Technology docking: SolidWorks or CAD

Hole size: Custom

Packing: wooden case

name: Radiator plastic tank mold

Plastic mold summarize

The radiator plastic tank mold for car radiators is one of the important tools used in the manufacturing of car radiators. It is a mold used to inject plastic materials into a mold, forming a plastic component of a radiator with a specific shape and size.

This type of mold typically consists of two parts to ensure that the plastic material is correctly injected and cured during the injection process. There are usually multiple cooling channels on the mold cover to cool the mold and plastic components during the injection process, ensuring the quality and dimensional accuracy of the plastic components.

During the production process, plastic materials are heated to a certain temperature and injected into the mold. Form with the desired shape and size. Once the plastic components are completely cured, the mold cover will open and the already manufactured radiator components will be removed.

This type of radiator plastic tank mold is usually made of high-quality steel and undergoes strict processing and testing to ensure its accuracy and durability. They usually have injection ports and cooling channels to achieve high-precision and efficient production during the manufacturing process.

radiator Plastic tank
Our strongest areas of expertise

Radiator plastic tank mold details

1Surface treatmentMirror Polish
2Brand Name changheng
3Model NumberOEM
4Cavity1-48 pcs
5mould Typeinjection
6Used MaterialABS/PP/PS/PE/
7mold Typeinjection
8mold sizeCustomize
9mold namePlastic Injection Mould
pa66 gf30 radiator
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Our strengths

We focus on the design and manufacturing of plastic tank molds for automotive radiators, with years of experience and professional knowledge. We can provide you with high-quality and efficient mold design and production services.

We focus on quality and delivery dates and have a professional manufacturing team to ensure that every plastic injection mold meets strict quality standards and is delivered to customers on time.

Our plastic injection molds and tools have passed ISO 9001 and TS16949 certifications, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust.

Our service scope covers the design, manufacturing, processing, and after-sales service of plastic tank molds for automotive radiators, ensuring that customer needs are fully met.

radiator plastic tank mold manufacture

radiator Plastic tank factory
radiator Plastic tank mold
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